Jewish Mob Linked To Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Father Murdered Charles Lindbergh’s Baby Boy for Apposing Federal Reserve Bank Inc., FDR’s Entry Into WWII

“Ivan Boesky married into the Jewish Silberstein Family who were instrumental in the successful career of Jewish Mafia kingpin, Max Fisher. Fisher was associated with Chicago’s ‘Purple Gang’ and instrumental in money laundering to Israel and drug trafficking. Fisher also had close ties to Hugh Rodham and Dan Rostenkowski who both took over the Chicago mob from Al Capone. For readers who are unaware, Hugh Rodham was the father of Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton. What’s extraordinary is the fact that the morning after Donald Trump’s 2016 landslide victory over Jewess Hillary Rodham Clinton, Hillary paraded her alleged child molesting, violent rapist husband, Bill Clinton, into the New Yorker Hotel ball room, where they presented themselves adorned in purple attire. This spectacle was in fact a strategy concocted by Jewess Hillary Clinton and Jew/Nazi Billionaire, George Soros, to launch Soros’ ‘Purple Revolution’. The color purple is popular among Satanic Jews because it celebrates their crucifixion of God who stepped into His creation, Jesus Christ.” – Freud’s Mafia, p. 198


L.C. Vincent, 9/25/2015

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I met Anna Hauptmann in San Francisco in the early 80’s when I videotaped her testimony for the Court of Historical Review.   Afterwards I had dinner with her and her Attorney, Robert Bryan.   Mrs. Hauptmann spoke freely and frankly to me.   She testified with tears in her eyes that “her Richard” was in bed with her that night, all night, just as he had been with her every night of their marriage.

Comments for “Jewish Mob Murdered Lindbergh Baby for Illuminati “

Glen said (September 26, 2015):

Sorry, I just had to chime in here and an add a few things which were not mentioned here. The following comes from Dave McGowan’s best seller “Programed To Kill”. Dave’s take on the kidnapping of “Eaglet” has a darker side, and as hard as it might be to believe, it is hard to argue with facts. The body was not Lindbergh’s child. I submit Dave’s thoughts on this matter for your consideration. For the “rest of the story” you will have to read Dave’s book.
For more of Dave’s work visit.


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