Jewish Pundit Dubs Trump “Greatest President For Jews and Israel In The History Of The World”

In a recent Newsmax TV show, jewish host Wayne Allyn Root, a rabid supporter of President Trump, made some hyperbolic claims about the President’s popularity which have raised some eyebrows:

“I happen to be Jewish by birth and 75% of all Jews vote Democrat, and they don’t like Trump,” Root said Tuesday. “This is the greatest president for Jews and for Israel in the history of the world. Not just in America, Trump is the best president for Israel in the history of the world. And the Jewish people love him like he is the King of Israel. They love him like he is the second coming of God,

“In America, American Jews don’t like him,” he continued. “They don’t even know what they’re doing or saying anymore. It makes no sense. But that’s okay. He keeps doing what he’s doing. He’s good for all of us. Good for Jews, good for blacks, good for gays.”

“He is good for everyone in America who wants a job,” Root finished.

Trump tweeted Root’s comments, thanking him in a series of tweets Wednesday morning.

The hardcore Zionist Jews (s)elected Trump, not the American people, which is why Trump has spend his entire first term checking off items on their “To Do List,” such as moving the American embassy to Jerusalem and looking the other way while Israel illegally annexes the Golan (“Stolen”) Heights, and agitated for war with Iran.  Next up is letting Israel annex the West Bank and blaming “Islamic extremists” on the upcoming destruction of the Al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount.

Messianic Jews are truly giddy about Trump, and see him as some kind of mystical figure, like the second coming of King Cyrus, who helped the real ancient Israelites, not these fake Edomites, build the temple in Jerusalem.  The problem is that most of the Jews in America are atheistic liberals ruled by the pedophile elites in Hollywood, and they hate Trump who, in their eyes, is the second coming of Hitler, despite the fact, as Root points out, that Trump has also been good for the core of the liberal Left: Jews, Blacks, and Gays.

All the while, deluded evangelical Christians are gobbling down popcorn as they watch Trump inch America toward a fake Armaggedon that will allow them to be raptured up to Heaven along with their “messiah” Trump.

Also on Christians for Truth:

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