Jewish Supremacists Celebrate Hanukkah By Gaslighting America About ‘Antisemitism’

(ShineALightOn) To better celebrate the traditional lighting of candles on the ersatz Jewish “holiday” Hanukkah, ShineALightOn, a Jewish supremacist organization which — according to its website — admits to being part of an international network of other supremacist cell groups — such as the Anti-Defamation League, B’nai B’rith International, and Chabad — has released a public relations video titled “The Truth About Antisemitism.”

[Note: the comments left by viewers on YouTube show just how ineffective Jewish gaslighting has become.]

Here’s a transcript of the voice over:

You’ve been there. You saw that offensive meme depicting a cunning Jew being shared around. You sat in the room when someone made a joke about the greediness of Jews. You’ve heard someone on the news talking about ‘certain’ groups having ‘too much power.’ You’ve been judged and rejected for speaking out on Israel’s right to exist and live in peace.

We’re used to thinking about antisemitism as ‘unhinged violence,’ but here’s the underlying truth: today’s antisemitism is growing under the radar, prospering in social media, where many, knowingly and unknowingly, spread small crumbs of darkness. Yet it is still Jew hate. Simply put — baseless hatred that is internalized around all us.

The spreading and growing of antisemitism — including the denial of the Jewish people’s right to manifest their nationality in the state of Israel — is based on false tropes and stereotypes.that feed on fears. It’s dangerous and leads to hatred, bias, violence, and intolerance that goes far beyond targeting Jews alone.

We can’t be the ones allowing this darkness to spread. When in a group of people, listen to what others or even yourself might be saying. Before you share something online, pay attention to the content. What starts as a burden for Jews quickly becomes a dark cloud over all of us. The darkness of antisemitism, the baseless hatred of Jews, only dissolves when you shine a light on it.

You’re the one who can call it out. You’re the one who can change the conversation. Together we can make a difference and dispel the darkness of hate. Join us at and stand up for what’s right. Shine your light on antisemitism and Jew hate and share that light with all you know.

From beginning to end, this self-serving, transparent, and condescending psy-op is a textbook example of gaslighting — an age-old specialty of international Jewry — where Jews try to convince the goyim — white people in particular — that they are “crazy” and “evil” to think that Jews indeed operate as a firmly entrenched Fifth Column in every white nation actively subverting and destroying them from within.

The term “fifth column” appears to have originated in Franco’s circle during the Spanish Civil War — to identify a treacherous element operating within the Republican ranks — and considering that international Jewry heavily supported any opposition to Franco, it would hardly be going out on a limb to conclude that the “fifth column” in Spain referred to Jewish-supported subversives of all stripes — on both the Left and Right.

Ironically, during World War II, pro-war Jews in the press gaslighted the American public by claiming that there was a “fifth column” of “Nazi sympathizers” such as the America First Committee headed by Charles Lindbergh — working clandestinely to destroy the country’s ability to wage war against Germany and undermine “our freedoms.” In reality, Jewry was the actual fifth column working feverishly to gaslight Americans into believing that Germany wanted to conquer “the free world” — rather than Jewry using communism as its weapon of choice.

That said, the recurring theme of this public service announcement is that all antisemitism is “baseless” — for the last 2,000 years Jews have been universally hated in every country they have dwelt — and kicked out of those countries, often the same countries, literally hundreds of times — For No Reason Whatsoever™.

By their own admission, the internet has been an unmitigated disaster for their ability to monopolize everything that people read and hear in the media — and censor their critics.

According to a recent survey, Jews are the most likely to support censorship of views they don’t like — and to even use violence if necessary to silence those who oppose them — all the while insisting that they are the victims.

If you dare to acknowledge the suffering of others, Jews complain that you are trying to deny them their official status as The World’s Ultimate Victims™.

A perfect example of this galling hypocrisy is that the organization that produced this video — ShineALightOn — has received generous funding from Silverstein Properties — yes, that real estate holding company owned by “Lucky” Larry Silverstein, the former New Jersey strip club owner who somehow managed to take out a lease on the World Trade Centers just prior to the Mossad-orchestrated 9/11 attacks. Not only that, Lucky Larry successfully managed to convince a court that he should receive double the insurance payout for the attacks because — his attorneys argued — there were two separate attacks.

So what does this lucky strip club owner do with that financial windfall? Why, of course, he make sure anyone who discovers the hidden Jewish hand in orchestrating the false flag 9/11 attacks is smeared as an antisemite.

Each year, on the anniversary of 9/11, the Jewish-controlled media gaslights the world by asking the disingenuous question, “Why is there always an uptick of antisemitism on the anniversary of 9/11?”

The same Jews who have openly bragged in their own major media outlets that they have “taken over” America — and “own the whole freaking country” — then turn around and claim that anyone who believes this is an antisemite spreading “dangerous canards” that could lead to “violence” against Jews.

Jews don’t demand armed guards to escort them in public because they are honest people.

Jews need armed guards because they know that people are on to them — and they are very afraid.

[“Chad Chaddington” has done a good critique of this ShineALightOn video which you can watch here.]

The following meme we found is excellent in revealing the paranoia of a people constantly looking over their shoulders as more and more people wake up to them:

It’s worth noting

Also on Christians for Truth:


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