Jewish Wench Julia Ioffe Recommends Black Power Reading List to White People, Demands They Visit Black Museums

Evil Jewish wench Julia Ioffe is displaying some serious chutzpah on Twitter, admonishing white people for not performing a collective act of oral sex on the black race, demanding we read Black Power books and visit black museums to “learn the black experience”.

Get on your knees, white men and women, are take a stiff negro dick in your ass!

These Jews are shockingly disconnected from reality.

Will Ioffe be giving the same sadomasochisitc advice to her own Jewish race? I don’t think so.

The global leader of the Jewish race, Benjamin Netanyahu, has called non-Jewish Arabs “wild beasts” and a “demographic threat”. Members of his party have called Africans a “cancer” and threat to Israel. Israel has detained and deported thousands of African migrants and treats them like dogs.

But Jews in America continuously incite against white people who don’t adopt a welcoming attitude towards the Afro-Simians.

Ioffe is executing the classical Jewish evolutionary group strategy of preaching “tolerance and acceptance” to the white goyim, in order to breed them out of existence and break the back of their culture, while simultaneously pursuing and defending extreme racialist policies for their own race in Israel.

Julia Ioffe needs to be deported to Israel immediately where she can help her race overcome its inherent racism towards poor, downtrodden black people who are only searching for a better life in the Jewish state.


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