Jews pretending to be Muslim Terrorists again- here’s proof!

Ever wonder why Hamas (ISRAEL) never fire shells or mortars into israel.. only fireworks?
HAMAS wont even fire old technology mortars into israel.. fear of killing Jews.
israel’s iron Dome missle system, is just another PsyOps hoax to make the sheeple believe Hamas (Mossad) is a threat.

Hamas (Mossad) Firecrackers did however scare an israeli cat from a tree. Watch video below.

Hamas fireworks rockets

Israel’s Iron Dome Missle Defence Hoax


killer jews

Jewish Rabbi crisis actor posing as a Muslim terrorist in many mainstream news networks

Jewish Rabbi crisis actor playing the muslim terrorist

Hello my jewish name is Tarkhan Batirashvili. My fake Muslim name Abu Omar al-Shishani

I am a Khazar Jew…I was trained by CIA and MOSSAD.. my current assignment is one of the four generals of I.S.I.S Terrorist group. ..I go by my fake Muslim name Abu Omar al-Shishani…We are working to create and expand the “Greater Israel Project” under the disguise of a false Islamic State. to vilify Muslims. Yes thats right we have fooled the world as we carry out our objective

Hello my name is tarkhan batirashvili, I am a Georgian Khazar Jew...I was trained by CIA and MOSSAD

  • Terrorism always works in the favor of the state. It makes Presidents look Presidential, and it gives the Zionist Governments an excuse to crack down on civil liberties all across the country.

  • Peace is not good for business or their evil agendas.


Jews defaming opposition again

Jews defaming opposition again


Hamas = israeli Jews pretending to be islamic Terrorists in israel to blame it on the Palestinian people.
Muslim Brotherhood = israeli agents CIA Jews
Al Qaeda = CIA, MI6, israeli Mossad Jews
FSA = CIA, MI6, israeli Mossad Jews
Syrian rebels = CIA, MI6, israeli Mossad Jews
IRA = Mi6, Jews
ISIS = CIA, Mi6, Mossad, Al Qaeda

Suicide bombers were invented by the Jews.
Islamic terrorists were invented by the Jews.

Any other Terrorist Group you can think of, whatever country, is a puppet regime created and run by the Jews.

These rockets are much like fire crackers, they do no damage. When these rockets hit israel, they will have a film production team and media news team ready to film the actors being injured and leaving in ambulances.

Jews pretending to be muslim terrorists

Jews pretending to be muslim terrorists


Israel using make up to fake wounded for the media

Israel using make up to fake wounded for the media

Even dummies are used to fill up body bags as the dead.


Muslim Brotherhood / CIA agents Support Obama T-Shirt

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