Jews ‘Shocked’ To Discover Irish Politicians Believe Jews Control Media & Israel Orchestrated 9/11 Attacks

(The Jewish Chronicle) A new report — compiled by a Jewish supremacist organization — reveals how Jews are “shocked” to find that many senior Irish politicians know far too much about the hidden Jewish hand in orchestrating world affairs:

The 200-page dossier on antisemitism in Irish public life reveals how Chris Andrews, a Sinn Fein TD (member of the Irish parliament), liked a comment on his Facebook page in 2018 that called Israelis “murdering Zionist bastards” and seemed to suggest that Hitler may “not have been too far wrong”.

The report, compiled by investigative journalist David Collier, also features Mick Wallace, an Independent Irish MEP who in 2018 shared an article from a right-wing website that suggested Jews control the media. The piece posted by Mr Wallace blamed Israel for the attack on the Twin Towers and described Jewishness as a “tribal sociopathy”.

Mr Andrews, meanwhile, has promoted the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) and the “from the river to the sea” slogan – the Hamas war cry that is widely seen as a call for the end of Israel. Detained and deported by Israel in 2011 for trying to break the blockade on Gaza, Mr Andrews branded Israel an “apartheid, racist, terror state” during a debate in the Dail (the Irish parliament) in May.

Niall Collins, the Fianna Fail party’s Minister of State for Skills and Education, recently referred to a “huge Jewish lobby, for which he later apologised. Mr Collins has posted condemnation of Israel’s human rights record on Twitter and Facebook while celebrating potential trade deals with China despite their brutal oppression of Uyghur Muslims. And in 2017, Aengus O Snodaigh, TD for Dublin South Central, branded Israel “one of the most abhorrent and despicable regimes on the planet.” At the time, he was Sinn Fein’s spokesman on international affairs and human rights.

In the wake of the 11-day Gaza conflict in May, the Dail debated whether to expel the Israeli ambassador and support the anti-Israel BDS movement. While the motion was defeated, the report says it provoked a “truly shocking orgy of condemnation against Israel.”

“Deputy after deputy, speech after speech, the appalling accusations directed at a sovereign nation trying to defend its citizens from over 4,000 Iranian-sponsored rockets fired into its civilian territory over an 11-day period earlier that month were so extreme that Foreign Minister Simon Coveney visibly winced,” the report said.

Ireland this year took part in the Durban IV event — the anniversary of the notorious 2001 UN conference in Durban, which descended into a parade of antisemitic hatred and was dubbed the “worst manifestation of antisemitism since WWII”. The UK government boycotted the anniversary event, as did the European Union.

On 4 October, 47 states pledged to combat antisemitism at the 48th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council. Ireland did not sign the pledge.

Yes, Ireland refused to sign the pledge because it forced the signatories to agree with the premise that criticism of Israel was implicitly “antisemitic” — a farce that Israel has been pressuring the U.N. to accept.

The internet has been an utter disaster for Jewish supremacists — who, prior to the advent of the internet, had a virtual monopoly on all forms of mass communication — television, radio, movies, and print media.

Jews do not like competition — which is why communism is their political preference — and they will annihilate anyone who stands in their way.

The only disagreement among Jewish communists is how they are going to divide the spoils among themselves.

Now the formerly duped public can fact check everything the Jews claim — and find, often to their astonishment — that there’s a different side to their story line.

Recently, Jews had a meltdown when iconic Irish singer Van Morrison released a song titled “They Control The Media” — and even though Morrison did not name the Jews, nevertheless they just knew he must have been talking about themsomehow.

But Van Morrison has toyed with the Jews before — in 2005 he released a song titled “They Sold Me Out” which alludes to how the Jews betrayed Jesus.

Jews obviously feel a need to monitor the troublesome Irish very closely — a couple of years ago when an Irishman told a joke about Hitler in a pub in Derry, literally Jewish media outlets around the world reported on this “disturbing” incident.

Recently the U.K. announced they would commence universal fluoridation of the water supplies — including in Ireland — in hopes that the Irish will stop using the internet to learn more about how Jews have subverted their nation — and instead use it to become porn zombies and forget all about Karl Marx and the “Jewish Question.”

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