"Just Do It" -Nike Slogan is Luciferian


October 6, 2018

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“Rule your mind or it will rule you.” – Horace

Illuminati Satanists spin self-restraint as “repression,” that causes “neurosis.”  They champion “sexual liberation” i.e. promiscuity and debauchery.

Self-Restraint is Nine-Tenths of Worship 
by Henry Makow, Ph.D.
(Revised from Sept 15, 2013)

Have you noticed that nine of the Ten Commandments are proscriptions?

They tell us what we shalt NOT do.

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Surely this is an important clue. We worship God by disciplining and controlling our lower nature.

The only affirmative Commandment is to “honor your father and mother.”  The other nine are concerned with obeying, i.e. Self-discipline:

You shall have no other Gods; not make idols; not take His name in vain; not work on the Sabbath; not commit murder; not commit adultery; not steal; not bear false witness (lie) and finally, not covet your neighbor’s wife or possessions.


It’s important to realize that both religion and civilization are based on a dualistic view of man, as matter and spirit. Man is seen as a wild animal (matter) who contains a spark of the Divine, his soul (spirit.)   

Our souls comprehend and crave God, who is perfection. (“Be ye therefore perfect as your Father who art in heaven is perfect.” Mathew 5:48)

Our souls can distinguish between good and evil, truth and lie, beauty and ugliness, love and hate.

Our souls (higher self) are required to hold our primitive instincts (lower self) in check. This is what defines us as human.  

Luciferianism (Illuminism) is all about indulging our desires, no matter how depraved they are. Lucifer rebelled against God. 

Gradually, the Luciferian (Illuminati) bankers have erased the distinction between matter and soul. They have made “God” a dirty word, which cannot be mentioned in polite company.  They define man in terms of our animal appetites and whims, no matter how perverse or degrading.

These are also the assumptions of naturalism – man is an animal without a soul.

Poisioned.jpg“Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law,” is the Satanist credo.

They call self-restraint “repression,” causing “neurosis.”  They champion “liberation” i.e. debauchery.

With the decline of religion, the only thing to restrain the primitive drives are social norms (laws.) But with Satanists in control, material appetite now masquerades as soul. 

Satanists invert good and evil. Man’s lowest nature is glorified and held up for emulation.


The mass media is the instrument for our induction into Satanism. What is considered edgy and courageous is not confronting the perpetrators of 9-11 but “adults” mentioning embarrassing toilet accidents in public.

I was channel surfing recently when I saw talk-show host Chelsea Lately and her guests discussing incidents when they felt like vomiting from other peoples’ farts.

Every city has a give-away entertainment paper, and every paper has a sex-advice column specializing in airing the obscene and disgusting in public.
In Winnipeg where I live, this paper (“Uptown”) is owned by the Winnipeg Free Press, supposedly a family newspaper. One recent question involved a sex partner who defecated on the sheets. Another was from a woman whose vagina emitted a foul stench. 

A new TV commercial for Alexander Keith beer: Rude man gives his girlfriend a long lascivious kiss before introducing her to a friend, who also locks lips with her. Edgy! As Nike says, Just do it!

I could fill a column with examples of this race-to-the-bottom, social engineering designed to make us indulge our every impulse, and broadcast our every toilet accident.

Instead of aspiring for what is truly beautiful and refined, modern culture aspires to degrade humanity.  We have no culture because culture is based on aspiring to genuine ideals, not denying them.

Don’t kid yourself. This is how Satanism works. It is deliberate.


We think of enslavement in terms of limitations to our freedom, repressive laws, surveillance and concentration camps.

Satanists use our primitive instincts to enchain us. For example, by making sex and romance the Holy Grail, and then shoving sex in our faces 24-7, they turn us into sniveling sex-addicts. 

If an alien visited this planet, he would report that humanity’s number one preoccupation was “who is doing whom?” and can people watch?

And if it isn’t sex, it’s money. We dance to this tune daily, dedicating our lives to protecting or expanding our stash.


How do we protect and liberate our souls?

Recognize that society has been subverted by Satanists devoted to degrading us to the level of domestic animals.

Climb our personal Mount Sinai and write our personal “Commandments.”

These are our principles. Things we will not do. This way we will recognize and reject temptation immediately instead of wrestling with it. 

We feel powerless but a spiritual war can be won with spiritual weapons. We can defeat Satan by what we won’t do. 


Source Article from https://www.henrymakow.com/how_to_worship_god.html

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  1. SanityClaus says:

    Coveting one’s neighbors wife of posessions IS THOUGHT CRIME.
    Having ambition to improve ones own circumstances is inspired by observing ones neighbor and coveting his wife and posessions.
    What did the Israelits do? They invaded other peoples countries, raped and murdered and enslaved them. The Bible IS AN ANTI MORALITY IDEOLOGY. THE BIBLE IS A RACIST IDEOLOGY THAT TELLS YOU TO WORSHIP MASS MURDERER RACIST PIGS THAT ENSLAVE YOU. Jews are not holy. Morality is impossible for people who believe in superstition. Rational thought begets morality which begets civilian justice. Jaweh is a god for murdering bastards who tells you to murder your children.

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