Karl Ritter was Marx’s Fascist Counterpart in Illuminati Charade


January 14, 2018


Much more is generally known about Karl Marx and Communism than about Karl Ritter and Nazism.  Ritter was for many years Professor of History at Frankfort University, Germany.  Afterwards, he taught Geography at the Berlin University.  In educational circles, he was considered one of the greatest authorities on History, Geography, and Geopolitical Science.  Because the “Aims and Objects” of the Leaders of the Aryan Party have always been kept secret, Karl Ritter’s connection with the Leaders and Nazism is very little known.  Intelligence Officers connected with the British Government unearthed his connection with the Aryan War Lords when studying Political Economy;  Geopolitical Science;  and Comparative Religions, in German universities.[4]  This information was passed on to the proper authorities but, as so often happens, political leaders and diplomats, either failed to realize the significance of what they were told or wished to ignore it.[5]
Karl Ritter’s study of History convinced him that a very small group of wealthy, and influential, international Bankers, who gave allegiance to no country but meddled in the affairs of all, had, in 1773 organized Grand Orient Freemasonry for the purpose of using The World Revolutionary Movement to further their secret ambitions.  Their Long Range Plan was for their group to gain ultimate control of the wealth, natural resources, and manpower of the entire world.  Their ultimate objective was to form a Totalitarian Dictatorship based on their theories of Atheistic dialectical and historical materialism.  Ritter claimed that most of, if not all, the International Bankers were of Jewish descent, regardless of whether or not they practiced the Jewish faith.

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The followers of all religions, that teach the existence of God, and life in a hereafter, believe in the love and worship of God, and charity towards all men of good will.  Sincere believers will suffer any hardship, and make any sacrifice, in order to ensure their eternal salvation.  The followers of Atheism are taught to HATE all who refuse to accept their materialistic creed.  The determination of the leaders of both Atheist groups, to achieve world domination, permits them to conceive the most diabolical conspiracies, and perpetrate all kinds of crime, from individual assassinations to genocide.  They foment wars in order to weaken nations they still have to subjugate.

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Source Article from https://www.henrymakow.com/2018/01/marxs-fascist-counterpart.html

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