Keep These Jews 6,000,000 Miles Away from Your Children

Jewish-run television network for children officially celebrates and endorses “trans day of visibility.”

A TV NETWORK called Cartoon Network, the target audience of which is children 11 years old and younger, has now officially endorsed, through its Twitter account, a concocted “holiday” called “trans day of visiblity.”

One grandmother reacted rationally — and may I say bravely — when she said, “My grandchildren will never watch your channel again. Leave our children alone.”

A pro-“trans” account calling itself “harry potter and the transgender agenda” reacted to the tweets from what he called “transphobes” critical of the network: “My entire goal on this earth is to trans your kids specifically. That’s just what I’m here to do.” I wonder if the ADL or SPLC or the censors at Twitter will sanction him (or it, I’m not sure) for that statement.

Another “pro-trans” account (picture below) had a more violent solution.

One wit opined, “Imagine someone telling you 20 years ago that in 2020, children’s cartoon networks would be encouraging kids to ‘change their genders’ through surgery, under the frame of ‘being yourself.’ You’d be laughed at and kicked out as a lunatic. What’s coming from the same tribe, I wonder, in 2040?”

Cartoon Network, like most of the “American” media, is dominated by Jews. It is one of the many television networks operated by Warner Brothers. Warner was originally founded by four Jews, Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack Warner. Today, Ann Sarnoff (née Misiaszek) is the “chair” and CEO of Warner Brothers. She became related by marriage to the early Jewish media oligarch, David Sarnoff (founder of NBC), when she married his grand-nephew, Richard Sarnoff (a “former media executive who works in private equity”) in 1990.

Under Sarnoff, the roster of Warner’s division presidents, vice presidents, and other officers and officials reads like a bar mitzvah invitation list: Peter Roth, Jeff Schlesinger, Jeff Nagler, Jeff Goldstein, Leslie Morgenstein, Mark Kaufman, Mark Pedowitz (what a name!), and many others.

Cartoon Network’s Jewish owners also control the following television networks: Adult Swim, Boomerang, Audience, AT&T SportsNet, Cinemax, CNN, The CW, HBO, HLN, TNT, TBS, TruTV, and Turner Classic Movies. They also have extensive print and film production and distribution holdings.

Do not allow the truly evil propaganda of these abusive, genocidal anti-White monsters to be seen by your children. Do not allow it into your home. Protest if you see friends or family allowing it in. Above all, do not pay for it or buy from its sponsors.

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Source: National Vanguard correspondents

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