Khazarian Mafia Doesn’t Exist, Ashkenazi Are Scapegoats Of Jewish Power Elite

by Ian Greenhalgh

The Khazar theory is deeply flawed, yes they converted to Judaism then migrated to Poland-Lithuania to become the Ashkenazi Jews, but they have never had any power and very little wealth. They lived in poverty in shtetls, suffered hundreds of pogroms and wielded no influence outside their own insular communities. They have been used as scapegoats by the Sephardic Jews who are the ones who have all the wealth and power, who ran the slave trade, who engineered countless wars, who subverted nations, who created Bolshevism, who used their usurious banking practices to become the real rulers of the world.

The Rothschilds are Sephardic with no Khazar blood at all, the same is true of the coterie of other Sephardic bloodline families that are allied with them – the Sassoons, Goldsmiths, Solomons, Morgenthaus, Baruchs, Warburgs, Kuhns, Kahns, Schiffs, Cohens, Lehmans and Sieffs.

To continue to write about the Khazars is to continue to fall into the trap these powerful Jewish families set decades ago when they used Bolshevik Jew Arthur Koestler to write The Thirteenth Tribe. It was the Khazars who died by the hundreds of thousands at the hands of the Nazis, while the rich Sephardic Jews financed the Nazis, the Khazars are nothing more than a useful, convenient scapegoat.

Focusing on the Khazarian Mafia is blundering into the trap the Jewish power elite have set for the lazy scholars and the people I call ‘unsophisticated Jew haters’. In order to properly combat the Jewish elite, we have to be on top of our game, to be absolutely accurate, otherwise it is all too easy to defame us as anti-semites and Holocaust deniers.

Perhaps the most important thing to grasp is that the Holocaust was not a Nazi plan, the whole thing was devised by the Jewish power elite. The Nuremberg laws that defined who was a Jew and who wasn’t were not drawn up by the Nazis but by a group of Rabbis. The Ghettoes in Poland that the Eastern Ashkenazis were shoved into were not run by the Nazis but by the Jewish power elite. Joseph Burg blew the lid off that fable in his books (sadly only published in German and now hard to find).

Hitler went along with the plan because he felt it was a good thing to give the Jews some experience at running their own affairs in preparation for them leaving Europe to run their own nation state somewhere else. Hitler never had any plans or intentions to exterminate European Jewry, he simply wanted them to immigrate out of Europe.

However, the Jewish elite were so corrupt and degenerate that the ghettoes became hell on earth, run by brutal and inhumane Jewish police. People starved to death, froze in winter, died of typhus because the corrupt Jewish elite stole all the food, fuel and medical supplies for themselves. Burg relates how rich elite Jews would stuff themselves in restaurants in the ghetto while starving Ashkenazi children stood and watched, until the Jewish police were called to drive these children away with clubs.

The modern equivalent of these Jewish ghetto police are men like Benjamin Netanyahu, Ashkenazi Jews who do the dirty work for the Sephardic power elite. But make no mistake, the powerful Sephardic banking families have no regard for the lives of their Ashkenazi stooges, they value them solely as useful tools, but would have no scruples about allowing them to be slaughtered, just as they did nothing to save their forebears from the Nazis.

Yes, the Jews of Europe were victims, they suffered terribly during the war, but the key point we must make is that the architects of their suffering, their victimisers, were ultimately, the Jewish power elite, not the Nazis, who were nothing more than a tool, the equivalent of ISIS today.

The Ashkenazi Jews actually wanted to be sent to Auschwitz or Birkenau or one of the other German run camps because there they were decently treated, properly fed, given proper medical treatment etc. Only 271,854 persons died in the German camps, of those, between 170 and 180 thousand were Jews, the vast majority of whom died due to malnutrition in the last year of the war.

By 1942, the corruption of the elite Jews had made life in the ghettoes so bad that the Germans had to step in and take action, primarily they launched Operation Reinhard that took 1.2 million Jews out of the ghettoes, sent them on trains to four delousing centres that had been specially set up – Sobibor, Majdanek, Belzec and Treblinka, where they were deloused with Zyklon B in order to try to stop the rampant typhus epidemic that was causing the ghetto inhabitants to drop like flies – the result of the corrupt mismanagement of the ghettoes by the elite Jews.

There are two important documents that prove this is what happened – the Hofle decode and the Korherr report, both give the figure of 1.2 million Jews but do not outright state it was delousing, they use the term Sonderbehandlung – literally ‘special handling’, but in English we would say ‘special treatment’. Historians claim that sonderbehandlung is a euphemism for extermination, but that is nonsense, there are no mass graves at any of the four sites; there is no evidence at all that anyone was murdered at those sites, there are only very small numbers of graves of those who died of typhus. This is why the Polish govt. has never allowed any archaeological excavations at these sites.

If Hitler intended to eliminate European Jewry, why would he allow the expenditure of large amounts of resources in order to save them from dying of typhus?

We have to get these things right when we write on these topics, otherwise, we make it all too easy for them to dismiss us as Jew haters.

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