Leftists Insisting that Trump is Hitler Makes Me More Sympathetic to Him

Screwy leftists keep insisting that Trump is Adolf Hitler.

That makes me like him.

Unfortunately, Trump is not Adolf Hitler.

The biggest difference between Trump and Hitler is that Trump has a weird homoerotic love affair with the Jewish race whereas Hitler correctly despised that race.

Trump, however, has a few good points:

  • he’s an unapologetic alpha male
  • he’s more or less a social conservative
  • he promotes xenophobia towards non-white foreigners (Mexicans, Moslems, Chinese)
  • he promotes patriotism and nationalism
  • he’s doing some things to stem the tidal wave of dindu immigration
  • he’s a white heterosexual male (a true American)
  • he insults women

He’s white, male, and a womanizer. He views women as sexual objects, which counters the feminist hoax that women are not sexual objects but respectable humans like men. (Note: respectable modest women are not sexual objects, but most modern women today are not respectable women, they are sexual objects).

There is also a list of bad points (loving Jews, not doing enough on immigration, not doing enough to curb censorship, etc.) but those have already been hashed out a million times by the nihilistic satan-worshipping neo-Bolshevik wignats.

Despite not being close to Hitler, which is a true shame, Trump is a strong figure that represents the Old WASP America which the leftists despise and seek to exterminate. If anything, Trump is a symbol of the true America that our enemies work day and night to extinguish. Just keeping him up there as a symbol of whiteness is enough to keep the leftists in a constant state of foaming-at-the-mouth rage and agitation.

At the very least, supporting Trump is merely a way of trolling leftists and driving them towards unhinged behaviour… or suicide. The crazier the left looks in their opposition to Trump, the more normal people will see that and turn towards the right.

Obviously, for Americans there are no better options at the moment, so what have you got to lose by throwing a vote to this guy who makes leftists’ pupils dilate? Sure, you could just not vote at all. But that won’t change much. White Americans must continue to build a movement, promote traditional values, expose hostile Jewry and attack leftism with an indefatigable fury. Trump is simply a placeholder until something better emerges.

We are in for a real treat to watch Trump eat up Senile Joe Biden in the coming election debates. Prepare yourselves for the greatest meme-party of all time.

Source Article from https://alt-right.com/2020/04/14/leftists-insisting-that-trump-is-hitler-makes-me-more-sympathetic-to-him/

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3 Responses to “Leftists Insisting that Trump is Hitler Makes Me More Sympathetic to Him”

  1. GLR says:

    When everyone is “Hitler” or “they’re all idiots” or “everything is beautiful” or it’s “all good” etc, then the message becomes pointless and meaningless. How many times have you heard someone yell to a stranger “you f****** asshole” out of anger and frustration.

  2. Anon says:

    “Daily Stormer” first came out with this photo. Speculation was that the HOLOHOAX was even present on the moon!

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