Libtards Are a Cancer on Society

By Philippe Armstrong

The coronavirus may kill off globalism, open borders and any hope of socialism gaining speed throughout the West. Old Bernie would still like to inflict that misery on America and use his useful idiot minions in Antifa to rev up their attacks. Joe Biden is not much different. The number 1 rule for the Democrats will be to dramatically increase the bureaucracy and government workers will expand enormously. The welfare state will be adored. Globalists, SJW socialists all unite to keep a huge gravy train going and they all think the state is a benign institution to get us to paradise. 

The inevitable destruction of society is always unleashed by the left wherever it rears its ugly head. They say they are tolerant and love diversity,  just so long as you are not white and a Christian.  If you do not prescribe to their catechisms and slogans you are clubbed. Dominance is the goal and exclusivity the desired result. They say they are for the end of any discrimination against their list of favored minorities. But their policies and ideals end up destroying the rights of the majority and destroying society in the process. The liberals wage a constant war on institutions of learning, monuments, tradition, social and cultural structures. They call it the triumph of political correctness and we are on the path to egalitarianism. 

Feminists teach women to disdain men, motherhood and femininity. And they teach them to shout their abortions. Anyone who disagrees with abortion is portrayed as a monster. Universities are designed now to turn people into mindless zombies reliant on the state. People are not supposed to remain babies, but university keeps them that way-safe spaces and trigger warnings. A culture in the process of collapse promotes: hedonism, feelings over objective facts, reliance on the state, destruction of liberties and freedoms, erosion of free speech and degeneracy. The West is well and truly in the process of collapse. 

The left revel in family breakdown, self-whims and chaos so they can then spend more government money trying to perfect society. But their policies create the destruction. The liberal left think they are the champions of progressive thought and think their individualism is no problem. What matters to them is they are seen to be virtuous and compassionate. Consequences do not matter. Harm to others does not matter. 

Antifa wear their masks in public because they go after the elderly, the weakest and often many speakers going to universities. They are individuals who have failed in society and live in a perpetual infantile state. They are funded by globalist George Soros. Their manifesto is: confiscation of property, socialization of companies, re-distribution of wealth,  destruction of Christianity and Western social and cultural structures. They are Marxist parasites. They want revenge on the world for their lack of achievement. The only thing they are ‘pro’ is state over-the power to bring down any achievers. The achievers are a reproach, a powerful approach to their own bitter emptiness and bitterness. They wish to make people poor because how dare people make something of themselves?  The eventual path to their aims is violence. Most of Antifa members are still living at home in their late 20s and are emotionally immature. 

Take abortion. In some American states for every child butchered in the womb there are 26 couples wanting to adopt. There is no such thing as an unwanted child. They say I am not ready for motherhood or I am too poor, it is not the right time. The fact is they do not care of anyone but themselves. The next year they will be celebrating a pregnancy because it is now the right time. Their convenience and timing is their issue. 99% of abortions are performed for selfish reasons. End of story. However, you will be ostracised if you say this. Dare show them what an actual abortion looks like and they go mental. But I thought it was healthcare or a cluster of cells? If so you would have no issue with people showing pictures. They say pictures of abortion are traumatic. But if it is healthcare those pictures of abortion should be everywhere and you would be thanking people for the publicity. Instead you shoot the messenger.

Progressives do not care about the ultimate domestic violence where women and men turn on their own flesh and blood and put an unborn baby to death. The left recoil in horror when elephants or other wild animals turn on their own yet they are celebratory about mothers killing their children each day and march for the right to do so. Pro-choice is a ridiculous term. The individual whose life is at stake has no say in the matter and has NO choice. The pro-choicers look at a perfect image of a pre born human and say it is fine to kill it. They get all worked up because you expose their choice to kill the unborn. 

The left loves victimhood over responsibility for one’s misfortune in life. The left embraces mediocrity, ugliness, degeneracy, faggots, ill health, falsehoods, and poverty for all. For the left, they believe in: you shall not believe in free markets, do not control borders, abortion is a right, you shall not speak if it hurts someone’s feelings, virtue is vice and vice is virtue, the state is a wonderful institution, the West is racist, faggots with  walking disease vectors builds for the future, moral relativism is enlightened, big government and bureaucracy is great, victim, grievance and blame industries are our future. 

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