Literal Wigress Bad Bhabie Darkens Skin to Look Like a Proper Negress

This white female calling herself Bad Bhabie, who is apparently a rapper, is desperately trying to mimic the appearance of a negress.

She is a white girl of Italian extraction named Danielle Bregoli. She was on Dr. Phil years ago because her mom thought she was an out-of-control violent and wicked slut who needed counseling. Even then, at 13-years-old, she was imitating the demeanor, behaviour and patois of a ghetto negress.

This is what happens when low-IQ white people live in black neighborhoods and are forced to assimilate to the black culture in order to obtain a modicum of social status. Even intelligent white people will pretend that they are stupid negroes just to fit in.

This particular piece of work is a total degenerate whore with the IQ of a monkey. She is utterly ashamed of her race and culture and is doing everything she can to change her appearance, mannerisms and speech style so that she resembles an inferior negress.

The wigress is quite a new cultural phenomenon, equally Jewish-inspired and degenerate as the wigger. And this particular repulsive female is a wholly astroturfed fabrication of the Jewish music industry to encourage the wigress trend. Who other than imbeciles with mental disabilities would find this “music” even mildly intriguing? Jewish music industry executives probably saw her on Dr. Phil and said, “we can use her to promote white racial self-hatred to young white girls.”

The Jewish overlords of society are telling naive young white people that imitating the uncivilized behaviors and habits of inferior cultures is cool. Anything that takes white people away from their true European roots and thrusts them into the depths of depraved dindu culture.

A white female who uses makeup, hairstyles, filters and photoshop to make herself look black is a literal subhuman.

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