Lying Warmonger and Israeli intelligence Asset Jennifer Rubin– ‘The dilemma that Woodward’s book raises about Trump’

The Ugly Truth

‘Just as the #NeverTrump Republicans warned, the president certainly appears entirely unfit to hold the job. His election and his subsequent attacks on basic tenets of democracy are inextricably leading to a crisis in constitutional government. Those who’ve made excuses and enabled him should be held accountable and if Trump cannot do his job and literally cannot tell the truth then impeachment and a groundswell of support for his resignation might have some effect.’

ed note–again, for those a lil’ slow in the ‘political math’ department, Israel doesn’t allow such OpEds to run in the JMSM if indeed the man who is the target of it all is ‘owned’ by Judea, Inc and cooperative with the Zionist agenda.

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