Mad Maxine: “Desperate Trump” Hellbent on Exposing “Patriotic Whistleblower”

Maxine Waters slams Trump for trying to expose 'patriotic whistleblower'

Rep. Maxine Waters slammed President Trump for stooping “so low” in attempting to expose the “patriotic whistleblower,” whose name cannot be mentioned on social media.

The Trump-hating California lawmaker warned that the “impeachment train is coming” in a massive tweetstorm on Friday evening, blasting the “desperate” president, who she claims “stooped so low so as to try and force the patriotic whistleblower to be exposed.”

“Trump is so desperate. He has stooped so low so as to try and force the patriotic whistleblower to be exposed so that he can bully and threaten them as he always does. Too late. The impeachment train is coming!” a furious Waters declared: reports: Republicans plan to call the “whistleblower” to testify in a public impeachment hearing.

“Because President Trump should be afforded an opportunity to confront his accusers, the anonymous whistleblower should testify,” House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes (R-CA) wrote in a letter to House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA).

He continued:

Moreover, given the multiple discrepancies between the whistleblower’s complaint and the closed-door testimony of the witnesses, it is imperative that the American people hear definitively how the whistleblower developed his or her information, and who else the whistleblower may have fed the information he or she gathered and how that treatment of classified information may have led to the false narrative being perpetrated by the Democrats during this process.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, the younger Biden’s business partner Devon Archer, Ukrainian American consultant for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Alexandra Chalupa, and Fusion GPS researcher Nellie Ohr are also on the Republicans’ witness list, according to reports.

“Shoutout to my colleague Adam Schiff. He’s doing a masterful job conducting hearings & releasing transcripts, & will bring back witnesses to testify publicly,” Waters wrote in another Friday evening tweet.

“Trump can’t intimidate Schiff or stop the facts,” she continued. “He should just take a cue from Nixon, pack up his tanning bed & leave”:

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One Response to “Mad Maxine: “Desperate Trump” Hellbent on Exposing “Patriotic Whistleblower””

  1. Drew says:

    Trump has a Zionist cabinet. You really had me going with this whole child sacrifice thing in Hollywood. I really believed it–even Cardi B’s name Belcalis is Latin for Sex Offender. But Maxine Waters is fighting for our freedoms. She’s not welcome in Zionist Democratic fundraising events with Joe Biden. She’s not establishment at all. She’s from San Francisco. Since you posted this idiotic article trying to brainwash me into supporting Trump (who is a confirmed child rapist himself and has a cabinet full of Zionist Jews) I have reason to believe everything on this website is fabricated.

    Maybe they put it here just to confuse us. Maybe the child sacrifice is real, and this is just meant to turn any logical person off from going into the subject any further. Most politics is smoke and mirrors. Maxine Waters is not one of those politicians–she’s a real black woman, not white-washed and fighting for a more progressive America. Don’t lump her in with Hillary and Liz Warren.

    Bernie 2020 (who is a Jew but not Zionist.)


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