Man Charged With Animal Torture Burned Dog With Toxic Chemical

An Illinois man has been charged by prosecutors in Madison County with pouring lye over a small Maltese dog named Charlie. The State’s Attorney’s Office charged Rodney Johnson, 45, with one count of felony animal torture and aggravated cruelty to animals.

“We have a zero tolerance for abuse and cruelty to animals in Madison County, and the filing of these charges is just the beginning of that lesson for this defendant,” prosecutors stated in a press release.

According to Pound Pets Inc., the non-profit animal rescue who immediately rushed him to the Veterinary Specialty Services in Manchester Missouri, a call had been received reporting the dog had lye poured over him two days prior – AND the dog had not been taken to a veterinarian.

“He was just laying there suffering. It is eating his skin….”

The suspect, Johnson is not the dog’s owner, and it is not clear how the man came into contact with the small ten-year-old dog. If found guilty, Johnson faces a maximum sentence of eight years in prison. His bail has been set at $40,000.

Charlie has certainly proven to be a little warrior. He has been undergoing treatment for his burns and injuries. His latest update can make anyone’s heart smile.

Charlie update [February 15, 2020] “We just got the update on Charlie today. They have removed his catheter. We’ll see how he goes to the bathroom by himself. The wounds they closed are looking really good and they finished closing the wound on his leg this morning. He was still kind of groggy when Kathy went to visit him. That’s why he looks so tired in the photos. The vet said that he is a special little guy and he has fought very hard to survive. If all goes well with Charlie going to the restroom by himself, he will be ready to move to our medical foster in the next couple days. Thank you for reminding me Diane. Charlie has been blinking. Not a lot, but they removed a lot of the dead skin and scabbing from around his eye…”

Get well soon Charlie. To donate to his care, please click here.

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