Man Feeds Poisoned Hot Dogs to Neighbor’s Dogs as Revenge for Barking at Him

Horrific news come from Sperry after one woman reported how her three dogs, Mufasa, Sarabi, and Buddy have been poisoned by one of her neighbors.

The condition of the canines is still critical as they are in a hospital fighting for their life.

The 23-year-old neighbor, later identified as Darron Norrid, poisoned the dogs by feeding them hot dogs stuffed with rat poison.

Shelia Holcomb, the owner of the dogs, describe her furry companions as very friendly and says they have never harmed anyone. With tears in her eyes, she says how this evil man has never spoken to her in order to tell her what was bothering him about the three dogs.

Apparently, the reason behind the poisoning is a revenge because the dogs would bark at Darron when he would pass by them. The dogs, however, were never a threat because they were staying in the yard which is all surrounded by a tall fence.

A surveillance footage from the local store showed Darron buying the rat poison.

Luckily, shortly after the incident, authorities at Tulsa County, Oklahoma, tracked him down and questioned him about the incident. Darron confessed his crime and even gave the officers the package of the poison and explained how he did it. He has been charged with animal cruelty and animal poisoning and we honestly hope he will spend a lot of time where he belongs, behind bars.

Sheila is heartbroken for her dogs. She has no idea what the outcome of their hospital stay will be. All she can do is pray that all three of her furry babies recover. So far, she has spent her entire savings on hospital bills and has done all in her power to save them.

We should all demand strict action against this culprit for hurting innocent animals.

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