Man Wasn’t A Cat Person Until He Met A Adorable Abandoned Kitten

Josh never thought he would be snuggling and cuddling with a cat , however things changed quickly when he rescued a tiny adorable kitten near his house.
Josh and his aunt found a newborn kitten with no mom in sight. As soon as Josh’s aunt picked the kitten up, the baby started making some little noise. They quickly took him inside and cared for him.

The kitten might be abandoned or separated from his mother, so Josh wanted to keep him. However, everyone told him that, “Don’t bathe him, don’t take him inside, leave him for the mom, the mom will come back.” Although he didn’t want, he had to leave the kitten overnight.

Josh woke up early to check out the poor baby. Sadly, his mom didn’t come back, so Josh called his aunt and brought the baby back inside.

The kitten was too young to live without his mom’s care, so he decided to share his story on social media to look for help. Luckily, people gave him the right people to talk. He contacted and took the kitten to The Pasadena Humane Society, where he was properly cared.

Josh never thought that he would become a cat dad, but finally, he decided to adopt the kitten and named it Smokey. At first, he didn’t think he could do that, but once he started fostering the kitten, he realized that he fell in love with the baby.

Now Josh and Smokey are inseparable, and they can’t live without each other.

Watch the video about Smokey.

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