Man’s Best Friend? A.I. Robo-Dog Gets a Doberman Head

By Nicholas West

While I don’t subscribe to the idea that there are inherently bad breeds of dogs, Hollywood has done its best to create the Doberman as an iconically terrifying animal. Which makes it even stranger that the A.I. Robo-Dog, which already crosses the creepy line for most people, would be topped off by a 3D-printed Doberman head.

Apparently, “Astro” offers a new type of artificial intelligence neural network designed to learn on its own through trial and error. As you’ll read, this Robo-Dog could be used for everything from search and rescue, to the military, as well as law enforcement duties like facial recognition.

So far, Astro is able to respond to basic commands such as “sit,” “stand” and “lie down.” Once developed further and equipped with additional sensors, however, it could find use in applications such as the detection of guns and explosives, guiding the blind, exploring hazardous environments, or assisting soldiers on the battlefield. It would be aided in its work by the ability to search through thousands of faces in a database, sniff out and identify airborne substances, hear distress calls that are inaudible to humans, along with various other robo-dog “superpowers.” – Source: Florida Atlantic University/New Atlas

So far, experts in artificial intelligence as well as law enforcement have expressed nothing close to “superpowers” for these systems, instead offering scathing criticism for many documented failures and inaccuracies.

At the very least, are we looking at the RoboCop police dogs of the future?

Didn’t anyone see that episode of Black Mirror “Metalhead”?

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