Maria Butina and Brenton Tarrant, the Two Faces of the Russian 2nd Amendment Dialectic for American Civil War

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Russian agent Maria Butina sought a relationship with the pro-gun NRA and the Republican Party. The Russians have a proven recent history of insinuating themselves into American internal politics through the issue of the Second Amendment.

Along comes the terrorist Brenton Tarrant, who openly advocates an anti-Western and anti-NATO political platform, and murders 49 innocent Muslims for the express purpose of creating an American civil war over the issue of the Second Amendment. Tarrant is working for the Russian government.

On one side, there was Maria Butina cheerleading for the NRA. On the other side, Brenton Tarrant committed acts of propaganda of the deed so that the American government would contravene the Second Amendment and provoke Americans into civil war.

Who benefits from this? Who, like Tarrant, has been trying to provoke war and revolution in America for the purposes of Balkanization for more than 150 years? The Communists, and since they took over Russia, the Russians. The links are all there, so why am I the only person drawing attention to these links and where they point?

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