Mark Glenn to Europe: Your Lands and Women Belong to the Muslim Empire, the Headless Bodies of Your Children Shall Line the Streets

Mark Glenn Prepares to take out the local police station before going on a rape Jihad against the White oppressors.

Lock up your daughters: Mark Glenn prepares to take out the local police station before going on a rape Jihad against the teenage daughters of the White oppressor that holds down his people.

Mark Glenn, the fanatical Arabian supporter of mass non-White immigration into White countries, recently reposted two articles defaming the Golden Dawn on his “The Ugly Truth” free WordPress blog.  The first repost, from a website called “” – which claims to cover “Greece & the Arab World” – was repeating the mainstream Jewish media’s claim regarding a supposed threat issued by the Golden Dawn to the Muslim invasion forces occupying Greece. The second repost was a New York Times articleattacking the Golden Dawn with the usual Jewish gibberish about hateful racists.  Both these articles contained “editor’s commentary” from Glenn, supporting the official Jewish position.




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