Mars will wait! Neil deGrasse Tyson trolls Musk, advising him to drop Tesla & focus on developing WARP DRIVE

In a tweet that received more than 120,000 likes, Tyson said that Musk should “stop dallying around” with Space X, Tesla and his other entrepreneurial ventures, and instead focus on creating the fictional propulsion system beloved by Star Trek fans.

His request sparked lively Twitter chatter – ranging from standard meme responses to serious discussions about the feasibility of the imaginary technology, which allows spacecraft to travel faster than the speed of light.

Others shared their own wish list of fictional tech that they wanted Musk to develop.

Several netizens scolded Tyson for underestimating Musk’s ambitions, speculating that the billionaire was already working on bringing warp drive to the masses.

In contrast, critics of the Tesla CEO said that he was too busy with problems here on Earth – such as a recently settled defamation suit – to start thinking about how to zoom around the galaxy.

Musk apparently took the suggestion at face value. Replying to the tweet, he highlighted how his plans to colonize Mars would incentivize the creation of technology similar to warp drive.

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