Mass AG Bans Sale of Modified Assault Rifles Because of Recent Cop Killings

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Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healy held a press conference on guns, specifically assault weapons that have been modified to pass state compliance.

Healy told the press: “If a gun’s operating system is essentially the same as a banned weapon, or if the gun has component parts that are interchangeable with those of a banned weapon, it’s a copy, it’s a duplicate, and it’s illegal.”

With over 10,000 “copycat” assault rifles sold in that state in 2015 alone, Healy’s office has made it clear “assault weapons… cannot be altered in any way” under Massachusetts state law. The office of the attorney general will aggressively use those laws to hold individuals and gun manufacturers accountable if they break the law.

So far information on more than 250 guns dealers in the state have been sent to law enforcement to ensure that this new stricter policy is enforced.

In the name of protecting police officers in the wake of Baton Rouge, Kansas City and Dallas, Healy said that in lieu of a “federal solution, states have to take action on their own.”

One of the most disturbing facts in both the Baton Rouge and Dallas cases is that the shooters were veterans. But surprisingly, this is nothing new.

Earlier in July, another veteran targeted police officers during a shooting rampage in Tennessee.

This terrible fact in these sensationalized shootings has created concern within the US veteran community that they will be lumped into a damaging stereotype.

Philip Carter, senior fellow and director of the military, veterans and society program at the Center for a New American Security (CAS), said : “People see these guys were veterans and they make the leap that all veterans are killers with PTSD that are going to blow at a moment’s notice. That message is very harmful.”

However, one veteran disagrees.

Matt Gallagher, author of Iraq War veteran, wondered if “there is something to the fact that [the cop killers] both served in the military.”

And while Carter’s point is taken, there is mounting evidence thanks to studies regarding Iraq War service men and women that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can overwhelmingly contribute to an increased tendency toward violence and “negative behavioral outcomes”.

One such study was conducted by the Naval Health Research Center (NHRC) who found that Marines who reported having symptoms of PTSD were 6 times more likely to display “antisocial and aggressive behaviors”.

These findings support previous research that established there is a “significant association between combat exposure and subsequent arrests and convictions that persisted when preservice background factors were controlled.”

Historically speaking , Civil War veterans were imprisoned at incredible rates, increasing the prison population of the late 1800s by 400%. At the time, the newspapers described these former soldiers as “rough material”, responsible for crime waves across the country. And in the Old West, veterans of the Civil War were known to be amoral anarchists.

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