Meadows: Indictments Coming for Spygate Perpetrators – “They Need to Go to Jail”

Rep. Mark Meadows warns indictments coming for Spygate perpetrators

Congressman Mark Meadows has warned that indictments and possible jail time are coming for the perpetrators of Spygate.

Speaking with Sean Hannity on Wednesday, Meadows (R-NC) revealed that multiple Spygate whistleblowers are now coming forward because they believe AG Bill Barr and US Attorney John Durham are going to be successful in securing justice. reports: Meadow said that these whistleblowers were too afraid to come forward under the DOJ leadership of Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein.

“Sean, we’re getting a lot of whistleblowers, primarily the whistleblowers are coming forward because they believe Attorney General Bill Barr and John Durham are willing to get to the bottom of it,” the Freedom Caucus chairman said. “People that were perhaps afraid under previous leadership to actually say that ‘well we knew this was wrong’ — they’re coming forward now…”

Meadows said that the FBI was aware that Hillary’s cronies and the DNC were shopping the phony dossier to the media prior to the first FISA warrant on Carter Page and the bureau still used it as ‘credible’ information to get a FISA warrant.

“People need to go to jail. People need to be held accountable and I believe indictments are on their way,” Meadows said.


Bill Barr launched a massive inter-agency investigation into the origins of Spygate and appointed US Attorney from Connecticut John Durham to help him get to the bottom of what really happened during the 2016 election.

The Deep State-Democrat-media complex has launched an all out attack on AG Bill Barr because unlike Jeff Sessions, he’s about the rule of law.

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