Merry Christmas, Goyim!

We have been hearing for a while now that we are not allowed to have a normal Christmas this year.

By the way, Jake Tapper is a jew. It’s pretty telling how no one is talking about cancelling Hanukkah (or Chanukah) this year. And since we are hearing all about how COVID is devastating “minorities,” why is no one looking to protect Black people from catching COVID at Kwanzaa celebrations? You know, the fake holiday they invented where Black people get their own menorah.

Well, the reason that we are only hearing about cancelling Christmas is because this is psychological warfare against the goyim, and more specifically the White goyim. They are seeking to remove all joy, tradition, and community connection from our lives so that we are sick, depressed, and more easily managed.

This is the only reason possible that they would choose such an awful tree for Rockefeller Square.

This is a signal to people that this is not the time for Christmas cheer, not when we are living in this hebraic horror story. The jewish media is talking about how the tree is “the perfect metaphor for 2020,” as if this was all just a coincidence or synchronicity, rather than a plan.

Rockefeller Center is assuring the public that the tree will actually look nice.

There was a story about how a small owl living in the tree was rescued, but I have to wonder if this was just another symbolic signal.

I think the tree should be taken down and replaced with a giant menorah, like Chabad puts in front of the White House each year, so that at least people can see who is ruining their lives.

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