Michael Aquino is Dead

I’m pleased to inform you all that Temple of Shit spokesman Michael Aquino, best known for having occult pedo initiation rituals and work in military psyops, is dead. Or in the words of their site, he’s “remanifested from his physical body”. It has received so little coverage that even his own Wikipedia page still states he’s alive.

Pictured together with the trans-Jew Sammy Davis Jr.

For more information on his cult; this tells you all you really need to know.

Also check out Sinead’s expose on Stephen Flowers (another pedo occultist that hasn’t been exposed enough), which elaborates on the story of the Temple of Set breaking off from (((Anton LaVey))) (aka Howard Stanton Levey who plagiarized from Might is Right).

The Schrecks also wrote a book on “Left Hand Sex Magic” https://www.amazon.com/Demons-Flesh-Complete-Guide-Left-Hand/dp/184068061X

(((Levey’s))) daughter Zeena Schreck and her husband Nikolas Schreck (aka Barry Dubin) were high-ranking members of the Temple of Set (seen here promoting it in 1997), but ultimately resigned in 2002 and formed the Sethian Liberation Movement.

Zeena’s site stated the intent was: “Drawing on her own triumph over these and other dysfunctional family experiences, Zeena, a professional bereavement counsellor, founded The Sethian Liberation Movement’s public outreach program PHOENIX to help others in similar situations.” It explains that “Since 2004 Phoenix provides spiritual healing for victims of exploitative pseudo-religious organizations, former gang members, whistle-blowing ex-employees of corrupt corporations and governmental agencies, relatives of the violently mentally ill, and survivors of all forms of institutional abuse, including secretly abused children and spouses of prominent personalities.”

When the topic of Aquino comes up in interviews, Schreck states he has “nothing good to say about him”. Since then, they have converted to “Tantric Buddhism” and have since appeared to have renounced occultism.

Of course you see this thread on Reddit praising this creep. Amazing how so many are able to overlook someone’s unspeakable perversions in favor of their supposed contributions. Not sure how anyone could look at eyebrows like his and not view him as questionable. Chances are if they look creepy…they probably are.

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