Mike Piper and others warned us about traitors like Father Malachi Martin.Cleaver men who have led us where we are today.

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 I recall being shocked and saddened when I found out from Michael Collins Piper and other journalist that that the famous author and Jesuit priest  Father Malachi Martin was an absolute traitor. Mike Piper blew the lid off of the Father Martin deception in his incredible book  THE JUDAS GOATS.


Yes, the smooth talking Jesuit priest Father Malachi Martin was a traitor and a Judas Goat .Father Martin was an outstanding entertainer. He was the most popular guest of Art Bell Coast to Coast AM. No one could out talk this man. He gave millions of post Vatican II Catholics hope that there was a brilliant “conservative’ priest out there speaking for them. We must thank those like Piper who uncovered this deception. Looking back, we now come to  realize that “Bill Buckley” George Will and also FR. Martin had led gentile readers on a wild goose chase. Fantastic stories of…

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