Mom Gets Worried as Entranced Dog Won’t Stop Staring at the Same Spot Every Day

In case you ever wondered whether it is a good idea to get a dog while your kids are still very young, this adorable video will make all your doubts fade away and you’ll probably stop by at the closest shelter first thing in the morning.

Canines aren’t just pets, they are the best companions a child can ever have. And as one person who fell for this video wrote, “Every kid should have a dog to grow up with. They give unconditional love and teach so many lessons.”

Having a dog around yours and your kids’ side means never have to worry of ever feeling down or alone.

The adorable dog from the video does what most other pooches do while their humans are away, wait for them to return. And as all this isn’t really surprising at all, this particular dog lifts the meaning of loving and missing his favorite person to a completely new level. He won’t stop staring out of the window waiting for the school bus to arrive even if it takes long hours.

His look is focused and he doesn’t care for anything else, all he’s got in mind is to sit still and be patient.

Seeing this video and experiencing what it feels like to own a dog who is always overly excited to greet me when I get home, I can’t really imagine what the life of those who don’t own one is. But one thing is certain, if they ever get to feel the love dogs give, they will never spend a day without a four-legged pal.

Mom sometimes gets worried for the dog, because she knows how sad he is while the boy he is waiting with so much anticipation is not in the house.

Now if you want to see the dog’s reaction once the doors of the house open, check out the video below.

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