Mommy Tells Puppy She Loves Him, Starry-Eyed French Bulldog Mouths “I Love You” Back

Although dogs can’t speak, they always find a way to tell their owners how much they love them. After all, our canines are there to stay by our side through thick and thin, and that’s really how they show their emotions.

However, hearing the words “I love you” coming from the furry pals’ mouth must feel special, don’t you think so?

In the adorable video below, we see a human mommy holding her cute French Bulldog puppy in her arms telling him how much she loves him. Of course, she probably expects from him to give her a lick as a thank you for her affection towards him, but he does something truly incredible and unexpected.

Believe it or not, the Frenchie says “I love you” back.

The mom is over the moon and can’t believe her ears. She then tries making him say those cute words again, and the dog repeats them perfectly.

Although this video is one of the cutest we’ve ever seen, I still guess some dog owners would feel a bit jealous watching it.

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