Mongolia rolls out Genghis Khan-style mounted guard of honor for Putin (PHOTOS)

Ask anyone on the street what they know about Mongolia, and you’ll hear ‘Genghis Khan.’ In the 21st century, Mongolia seems more than happy to embrace the legacy of the 13th-century warlord emperor – and show it off to the visiting Russian leader.

As he approached the presidential palace in the capital Ulaanbaatar, Putin was greeted by a line of horsemen who looked like they just rode off the page of an old Rus’ chronicle – clad in leather armor and tasseled helmets, sitting atop short stocky mounts – one battle-horn blare away from triggering a Kulikovo Battle flashback for anyone familiar with medieval Russian history.

Putin didn’t seem to mind, though – especially since the fearsome display was followed by a bouquet of flowers.

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