More Hard Proof of Fake Bodies in MH17 Crash Hoax

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More Hard Proof of Fake Bodies in MH17 Crash Hoax

It is clear from the review of the evidence that there was no real jet airliner crash in the Ukraine, the one known as Malaysian Airlines MH17. What a fraud it is. The date of the supposed crash was July 17th, the same day of the brutal ground invasion by the Zionists of Gaza. MH17 was created as a distraction. The world was to focus on this, while the Zionists did their dirty work, wildly murdering as many Palestinian people as possible.

That was their stated intention: to kill, injure, and main the people of Gaza and to a degree the West Bank in as large of numbers as possible, some Israelis even calling for their extermination.

Soon, though, the nature of the distraction was systematically revealed. The plausibility of the claims for the crash were quickly disputed. One clear evidence of fraud was the existence of strewn wreckage, that is plane wreckage and parts that were planted, in other words, staged.

One area which was contended, though, was whether or not there were real bodies among that strewn wreckage. There was some thought that possibly dead Ukrainians from the morgue, victims from the Zionist-operated Ukrainian government’s murderous war, were used for staging on-site. Too, people want to know what was in the plastic bags, supposed body bags, of the MH17 crash hoax. Once again, from the video and photographic images some people have speculated that they are real bodies. Yet, how could they be real? The plane crash was surely fake. It wold only make sense that the bodies, too, were faked.

Therefore, despite their humanoid-like appearance they truly must be fake, mere dummies – that is dapper cadavers. This is clearly a fake body, a mere latex and/or silicone entity with a wig; the wigs all seem to be of he same texture and color. The position of the hand is staged. The bag is cut open to display the fabrication.

Thus, all that is in the black bags is fake – mere silicone dummies or other non-human elements.

The fact that this is staged is supported by the placement of supposed personal goods. See how obviously it is the case that this is a phony event. Does anyone really believe that those photos could fall from some 35,000 feet in the sky and then land in such a position? No one would in their right mind find this plausible.

That is by no means a real head. Notice the nose. It is abnormal in its structure, as is the bridge of the nose and the brow – as are the eyes and eyebrows. What about the teeth? How much more obviously fake can it get?

There is no neck; there is no evidence of trauma to this body. Contrast this to the trauma which occurs to real bodies as a consequence of the vast forces against them in a real jet airliner crash:


There is horrific trauma to the bodies; the flesh in this case is ground apart by the traumatic impact with the ground. Furthermore, there is nothing that is pristine, as is seen in contrast to the MH17 fakes. Nor do the bodies of real victims to any degree appear to be staged, that is placed there artificially by humans.


The silicone entity is clearly staged, here, with the tall grass being artificially smashed down and the fake trauma cadaver being placed in this specific position, as if it fell from the sky, landing their so perfectly:


This is clear a fake dressed with moulage; in other words, make-up. That is seen in the following example of a so-called “Tactical Body:”

Keep in mind that hair, nipples, and other elements can be faked and are done so in a realistic fashion. The posture of the dummies is often the same, with the arms and legs well stretched out.

In fact, the props came in many fashions and styles, including actual crisis dolls – Barbie dolls, medication, purses, sunglasses, and other ‘personal’ effects. Clearly and categorically, it can be determined from this image that this was entirely staged.

What about the placement of such stuffed animals? Once again, there is no way that such stuffed animals could be in such positions of perfection in a real airliner crash. It was an elaborate hoax, which the photography clearly reveals.

Garbage from a decommissioned plane is also clearly strewn in the area, and there are thousands of such planes easily accessible throughout the world. Arch-Zionist and rabid, extremist pro-Israeli Jew Ihor Kolomoisky used his billions to orchestrate this act.

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4 Responses to “More Hard Proof of Fake Bodies in MH17 Crash Hoax”

  1. Jeff says:

    You are a bunch of complete morons! Your fucking brain is fake and staged! dumb ass wankers!

  2. I’ve seen plenty of dead bodies and I can tell you the pictures I’ve seen are of real dead bodies. Now I’m not saying they didnt take pictures of other dead bodies from other incidents and use them as propaganda as seeing body parts may not hit as hard as seeing their face but I can tell you for damn sure the bodies in the video after the initial crash were 100% real. You kikes need to stop with your conspiracy theories. No offense to any Jews out there I have a bad habit of using derogatory terms as an insult but I dont actually hate you guys.

  3. netanyahu1488 says:

    This pic with the teddy bears all assembled together reminds me of the foreign passport found two blocks from the twin towers on 9-11. How convenient. Or the lone plane registration plate found near the supposed sight where a plane hit the pentagon on 9-11 and vanished!

  4. Jesus Christ ✝ Jesus Christ ✝ says:

    Agreed netanyahu.

    All these supposed dead bodies are all covered in plastic.

    And in another pic, photographer more interested focusing on flowers than a dead body.

    I do love how all the teddy bears and luggage all on top of each other and carefully placed… remind me how fast the plane was traveling before it hit the ground and exploded.

    Look at the scorched black ground that was engulfed in flames from the jet fuel… yet the photographs, teddy bears,papers, etc were flame proof.

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