Morocco Issues Burqa Ban?

nsnbc : The Moroccan government issued a burqa ban citing terrorism concerns report local media, even though there haven’t yet been official government statements.

Most of the burqa produced in Morocco are for export, for example to Afghanistan. Image:  Afghan woman about to be gang-raped by Taliban fighters. Gang-rapes are most common prior to executions and even more so if the woman is a virgin.

Most of the burqa produced in Morocco are for export, for example to Afghanistan.

Morocco’s Le360 reported that Moroccan authorities ordered businesses to remove burqas from the shelves of stores within 48 hours.

The government hasn’t yet issued an official statement about the ban. However, Le360 tends to be well informed and often works faster than official Moroccan ministerial websites.

The purported burqa ban comes amidst growing concerns that criminals, including terrorists, could use burqas to conceal their identity and / or to smuggle explosives or weapons in the immediate preparation of acts of terrorism.

Ironically, the purported, not yet officially confirmed burqa ban was tied to crime including terrorism and not to the fact that the attire is widely used to oppress women.

It is also unclear whether the burqa ban includes the sales of the dress only, or if the ban includes wearing burqas and producing them. Morocco produces burqas for export to, among others, Afghanistan.

The majority of women in Morocco don’t wear burqas while most of the more strictly islam adherent women and those who have been brought up to consider it “fashionable” wear the hijab.

The wearing of the hijab was promoted by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood since the early 1900s to promote an islamist cultural identity. There is no theological basis for the burqa or the hijab in Islam.

F/AK – nsnbc 11.01.2017

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