Mouthy Buddha is a Kosher Shill

Recently I watched a series on the ‘jewish question’ by Mouthy Buddha. I always had reservations about this creator, seeing as how at the time he was still allowed up on jewtube and had never connected world jewry to the pizzagate conspiracy that he was covering. I was excited to see that he had finally done a series on the ‘jewish question’, although it isn’t really a question. It’s a fact that jews control our countries and are destroying them on purpose. The series made a lot of good points and was presented well, until the last few minutes of part III.

Mouth Buddha plays the other side of the argument, presenting the jewish rebuttal to everything he had just exposed, arguing for how it’s not just jewish men behind degeneracy and White men are involved too. He also goes on to explain that the gas chambers were real because there are pictures of cans of Zyklon B cans. I’m sure the reader here knows that Zyklon B was used for de-lousing purposes. He then makes an appeal to authority that all of the wonderful Holocaust museums couldn’t possibly be in on the fraud, and since there are only a few holocaust revisionists, they’re just fringe lunatics.

I found this a very slick shill job, as it draws you in and hooks you with the truth, only to turn around and negate all of the truth shared within the video and basically call anyone who notices jewish supremacy, “stupid”. The shilling begins at 6 minutes and 30 seconds into part III of the series. Some may argue that he is just showing both sides of the argument, but how can someone remain “neutral” after presenting all of the evidence of what jewish supremacists are doing? He even refers to the Hollywood men who were abusing women as “White men” and doesn’t go on to correct this lie.

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Now Mouthy Buddha has been removed from jewtube, which gives him more “street cred” among his followers. He is being considered “dangerous” and “edgy” now for releasing this. Don’t worry, though. You can still send him shekels through Patreon. I hope most people can see exactly what he is doing here. Although this is disappointing to see, it’s a good sign that our enemy has to use such tactics.

I had never heard of Mouthy Buddha before the series he did on Pizzagate, so decided to look into his Twitter to see how far back he was making content. It appears that before he started covering Pizzagate, he was a Trump boy who did videos with the homo Greg Johnson. He also made content in support of Jordan Peterson and Tucker Carlson. He’s now trying to get help from thew jew Brian Rose from London Real TV, and the Trump shills over at On Edge Of Wonder, as he is looking for publishers.

He’s also asking assistance from the porn promoting crypto Sam Tripoli. Yes, I’m sure Sam really wants to fight pedophilia.

He didn’t like when JF Garapey’s “character was assassinated”.

Just in case you don’t know, JF’s Youtube channel was started with a $25,000 donation from Jeffrey Epstein.

His real name appears to be John Canales.  Here is what he looks like:

Does this look like a White man to you?

Gee, I wonder why this man would want to run cover for the jews.

He had previously denounced his “alt right views” stating:

In many ways, the mind that I occupy is alt-right. But I don’t want to be. I am disgusted with the person I have become. The alt-right, or the way I am when living through the lens of its ideology, is disgusting. When I go to the market and see a black man behind the counter, my mind thinks of IQ statistics or white displacement or crime statistics. Everything that separates this person from me. When I hear the word, my mind shutters with antipathy. I am annoyed by the very notion of them. But I don’t want to be. I want to be the kinder, gentler person I used to be. I want to see them as human beings. As fellow neighbors of sentience. I want to focus on the qualities of one’s character and not of one’s race. Because I have always hated the alt-right. And to become what I hate is an indescribable feeling of moral failure and delusion [sic]. I have what seems to be endless empathy for white people. The idea of becoming a minority and told they’re racist for being concerned about this hurts me. But my empathy burns out when discussing the well-being of discussing any other group of people. This is fucked up. What has happened to me is wrong. Think of me as being in recovery from being alt-right.”

Of course he never exposes the alt right for being a jewish created controlled opposition play pen. He’s fine with all of us who see racial realities and jewish control of the world, being considered “fringe racists.”

He’s also choosing to not expose Trump, which is very telling. I thought he was done with the “alt right” so surely this truth seeker would expose Trump as a puppet of world jewry, but alas.

I always found it suspicious that this man never implicated Trump in any of the Pizzagate evidence. It’s very clear that child trafficking is a bi-partisan issue, but this was no “accident” on his part. He is a deliberate limited hangout. However, promoting Trump wasn’t the first time John Canales shilled for kosher politicians. On the eve of the French general election, Canales published a video titled “Why Gays Loved Le Pen” in which he presents “his thoughts” before urging the people of France to vote for the far right presidential candidate. The entirety of the video is a virtually word-for-word recital of a National Review Online article published a day earlier. This man also constantly retweets jews.

He is also an apologist for Antifa.

It will be interesting to see what his next moves are.  Maybe he’ll be the chosen one to expose a new Pizzagate type psy op which outs Biden as a child rapist, but makes Trump look squeaky clean.  Either way, we’ll be watching.

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