My Stretch of Texas Ground, Too Much Truth for Trump’s Texas

By Gordon Duff and Ralph Cinque

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Americans have an aversion to the truth, simple as that.  So, when Ralph’s film, “My Stretch of Texas” hit Amazon Video, the reviews from such esteemed publications as “Texas Monthly” began their “hit job.”

Cinque, best know for his defense of Oswald as a “patsy,” wait, didn’t Oswald claim that himself, no, wait, didn’t the US Congress, in 1975 come to the same conclusion in their now suppressed Report on Assassinations?

At one point I met with many of the characters of that other film, JFK, not the actors, those depicted in the film, who made it very clear that the JFK killing was sanctioned by both the FBI and CIA with lots of help from the Gambino crime family and their Kosher Nostra New York partners.

If you wanted to meet those behind the Kennedy killings, John and Bobby, a trip to New York in the 70’s and 80’s with a rented supermodel on your arm would get you in.  You would see Roy Cohn and a circle that, after Cohn’s death, later encompassed those silenced friends inside the FBI said did 9/11 as well.  But I digress.

We have a film where the bad guys, terrorists who want to murder a US senator because of his support for America’s imaginary misdeeds in Iraq, is seen as a “balanced character, an anti-hero” of sorts.

Reminds me of my time in Vietnam as a combat Marine, even then we all knew we were the “bad guys” and that the Viet Cong were the heroes of Lexington and Concord and that, as Apocalypse Now made so very clear, we were nothing but errand boys for grocery clerks.

I spent some time as an errand boy for grocery clerks until I learned to push back.  That’s exactly what Ralph is doing in this film.

Only a day ago, a life sentence was handed out to a Blackwater “jihadist” who slaughtered innocent civilians in Baghdad back in 2007.  I was serving in Iraq at the time, up in Erbil with the UN mission, not killing so many civilians but rather trying to install a water and sewer system for a city whose infrastructure was destroyed by, you guessed it, the US.

Texas Monthly says Ralph’s film is like a Walker Episode written by Ron Paul.  Praise?

Oh wait, didn’t the US just cut aid to Pakistan because of their opposition to India turning Kashmir into a prison camp, a new Auschwitz?

Then again, try sitting down with the Taliban.  Yes, there were maniacs who threw acid at women whose dressed in ways they didn’t agree with.  They now work for the US, one of whom, know as the Butcher of Kabul, was living on Bagram Air Force Base as adviser to General Stanley McChrystal, while still being hunted as a terrorist.

Sounds like that nasty rumor that Osama bin Laden was being treated at the Bethesda Naval Medical Center outside Washington, while he was being hunted, as I was told by a White House official.  Was he making it up?  We can only hope so but, in truth, you know in your “heart of hearts” that a story like this rings with truth.

Just as Jeffrey Epstein.

There is a problem with American TV.  More and more, television gets things right, Madam Secretary has an understanding of Iran certainly, a complex nation that is nothing remotely resembling Trump’s rambling tweets.  Let us hope Trump avoids invading Iran.

Still, year after year, the same actors pay cardboard cutout villains, sneering terrorists trying to destroy “our way of life,” whatever that used to be.  Of late it seems like trying to survive the corporations that bought our government but there I go again, digressing.

I was there when the Viet Cong “handed us our asses.”  I remember.  Go back nearly 70 years when heroic Marines, the “Chosen few” gained fame from surviving an encounter with the ragtag Chinese Peoples Liberation Army, when American military commanders, without authorization, thought they might cross the Yalu River into China.

Fake history?  Not hardly, Americans lie.

Remember Vietnam, the Tonkin Gulf Incident, that led to what is now 2 million American dead, all fake, the most deadly lie in American history.

For decades questions have been asked about Pearl Harbor as well.  We still talk about fighting the Civil War to free the slaves instead of the real truth, to enforce an economic embargo on the South on behalf of the banking elites of New York and their London partners.  Americans lie.

I’ve spent time with Hezbollah, the IDF, the Syrian Arab Army, Iraq’s militias, and dozens of other organizations.  Topping my list as “heroes” is the Syrian Arab Army, those who really defeated ISIS and are still fighting terrorists in Idlib as of this writing.  Paid nothing, fed garbage, sad rusted weapons, part of a nation starved by US sanctions and attacked by terrorists using advanced American weapons paid for by Saudi bribes…

Do I need to go further?


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