HERE’S the latest video from meme-masters extraordinaire Murdoch Murdoch. Blake Hood says, “This video is one of the best Murdoch Murdoch videos I have seen.” The best of the “groypers” and “alt-righters” are moving or have already moved beyond the populism and chaos that characterized them in 2016-2017, many toward a more radical and truer vision. (True, some have regressed toward worthless/controlled civic nationalism or ridiculous Catholic monarchism or, even worse, Jew-worshipping “conservative” Christianity — but not these folks.)

As Kevin Alfred Strom said on American Dissident Voices in 2018:

Germany’s and Hitler’s unparalleled efforts for our race — and their ultimate immolation and sacrifice for that sacred cause — are the stuff of which myths and legends are made, the stuff of which new faiths are made, faiths that can inspire men to great and heroic deeds — not just for the duration of a war — not just for a single lifetime — but for millennia. I believe this mythopoeic power, along with the deep insights of Cosmotheism, can combine to bring into being a spiritual revolution in the hearts and minds of our people — exactly what is needed so that we will be able to do what must be done.

It’s happening.

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