DID YOU KNOW the NAZI JEW BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY spent YOUR TAXES building ZEPPELIN BOMBERS to BOMB BRITISH PEOPLE in the slums of London and Kent? I’ll say that again – the British royal family financed the Zeppelein Bombers, which they built on their country estate at GOTHA in Germany – and flew them over London and Kent and BOMBED BRITISH CITIZENS.

The British Prince in charge of this disgusting operation was PRINCE CHARLES COBURG, born at Sandringham, educated at ETON and a member of the ORDER OF THE GARTER at Windsor Castle.

THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY’S REAL NAME IS: “Saxe-Coburg-GOTHA” [not ‘Windsor’]. And here is a photo from the town of GOTHA featured in my ENIGMA CHANNEL documentary of the world’s largest factories ever built – all financed and paid for by British Royal Prince Charlie Coburg – these factories were built for what? FOR BOMBING WORKING CLASS BRITS IN BRITAIN. These Zeppelin bombers were manufactured in the town of GOTHA. The hometown of the ‘British’ Royals… The world’s biggest KILLING MACHINES. Watch it now along with thousands of other in-depth documentary films.

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