Need help from an employment lawyer? Here’s what to look for

If you’re having problems at work and think you might need help either with employment law or with bringing an action against an employer (such as wrongful dismissal) – it’s important that you get the right legal advice and the best possible care you can afford.

In this article, we’re going to look a bit closer at how best to go about getting justice for your problems at work, as well as what strength the right lawyer can bring to your issue.

Keep detailed records of all interactions in the workplace

This one is important, and it’s the first step in any dispute. You need to keep records of everything that goes on that supports your issue or problem. When you get in from work and there has been an altercation, dispute or even just a minor issue, write it down. Make a note of when it happened and what exactly the problem was.

While these documents will often just be from your side of things, keeping clear records of exactly when certain conversations or disputes took place can give you a huge advantage over the people you might have a dispute with. Don’t tell them about the information in advance, and it can become really useful in any tribunal or hearing.

One other thing to remember when taking notes like this – record who else was present at the time, like neutral witnesses. Then you can use this information at a later date to call witnesses who might be able to support your claim.

Get a lawyer as early as possible

Many people leave it to the last minute before getting a lawyer, but this is a big mistake. If you get one retained early, they’ll be able to give you advice right from the start about the best way to go about things.

They’ll help you collect evidence, record documents and do other things to improve your situation. They might also be able to make sure further action isn’t required by giving you advice on how to seek a settlement immediately. At the very least, they’ll let you know exactly when is the right time for certain actions to take place.

Choose a lawyer with tons of experience in your field

Don’t just hire any lawyer, get a specific one that’s trained in employment law and knows exactly how to help you. While some general lawyers will be better than nothing, they often won’t be as good as a highly-trained employment lawyer.

Pick a lawyer that you can afford

It’s all very well going for the best, but you also need to pick someone you can afford.

Even if you haven’t got a dispute at work, you could still enjoy some advantages from some professional advice, especially if you want to see what financial help is available to you. Consider employee benefit consulting to make sure you get a fair bargain in negotiations, or to make sure that your last contract was not exploitive.

Make sure your lawyer has the right connections in your industry

Aside from finding someone who is an employment lawyer, you might want to go for one that has specific experience in your particular industry. You also want to look for experience dealing with your kind of business, they might have specific connections in your industry that can help you further.

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