Netflix to Release ‘Cuties’ Movie About Sexualized 11 Year Olds Twerking – For ‘Mature Audiences’

Back in 2018 Netflix was in some hot water for streaming what should be considered child pornography. The DOJ supposedly even launched an investigation about the lewd scene involving very young girls.

The scene is from a movie titled “Desearas” – or “Desire,” in English. In it, two young girls who look to be about seven and nine are playing with two pillows when the older girl begins to masturbate, as the younger one watches. The scene includes a disturbing closeup of the child’s face in slow motion. The film was directed by Diego Kaplan.

It seems nothing was ever done to stop Netflix from sexualizing children in the most disgusting ways and making this content available to adults for their viewing pleasure.

Now Netflix is facing more justified criticism over the French movie ‘Cuties’, which features sexualized 11 year olds on a twerk team.

Another disturbing element to this all is that the film is rated MA (for Mature Audiences). Why is a film about 11 year old girls on a twerk team rated MA? One would have to assume that there are very explicit scenes.

Here’s the official trailer:

The comments on Youtube and Twitter at least show that many people are not okay with little girls twerking in an adult movie.

Due to the backlash, Netflix tried to make things a little less explicit by changing the description of the movie, so that the girls are not part of a twerk team, but rather a “free-spirited dance crew.”

This is absolutely disgusting and unforgivable. The people who are pushing this filth into the minds of the masses need to be held accountable for their crimes.

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