New Archival Footage Shows Putin & Bush Dancing Like Fags

Putin and Bush were great pals, actually.

That’s a fact that the Neo-Bolsheviks will never admit because they are paid to portray Putin as some kind of heroic principled warrior against neocons and Zionists.

Truth is that Putin supported both of Bush’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, at least initially.

That’s right, Putin even lied and said that Russia had information that Saddam Hussein was planning to attack America. What a lying dirtbag, eh?

Bush and Putin had a serious bromance going on at that time.

But if you mention any of this you’re a neocon shill, right? Isn’t that want the Nazbol death cult led by a Paraguayan socialist revolutionary says? Any and all criticism of Putin makes you a neocon. NEOCON! NEOCON!

So let’s get this straight. Pointing out that Putin lent support to Bush’s neocon wars for his own opportunistic and selfish reasons makes you the neocon and not Putin? Yes, according to the kook-brained Nazbols. Inverting reality seems to be the MO of these people. Not surprising since most of them are tripping on acid when they write their magic mushrooms-inspired analysis on the internet.

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