“No Zionists Welcome in My Country” Campaign Launched by Thousands in Morocco

July 30, 2021

Source: Al Mayadeen

By Al Mayadeen

“Zionists not welcome in my country” campaign explodes in Morocco, in refusal of Zionist delegations visiting the country.

Thousands of Moroccans Launch the
Thousands of Moroccans Launch the “No Zionists Welcome in My Country” Campaign

Thousands of Moroccans have launched a campaign on social media under the slogan “No_Zionists_Welcome_In_My_Country,” to express their disapproval at receiving Morocco’s first tourist delegation from “Israel”, describing those arriving as “war criminals.”

The “Moroccan Front for Supporting Palestine and Rejecting Normalization” is urging Moroccan citizens to campaign electronically and express disapproval of the Israeli delegations in Morocco, which include Israeli settlers of Moroccan origin. 

In their publications, they highlighted the importance of supporting the Palestinian cause and rejecting all forms of normalization.

This comes following the launching of direct flights from Tel Aviv to Marrakesh by the Israeli El Al airline.

One activist wrote “I watched videos of receiving groups of tourists coming from the state that has usurped the land, usurped the lives of Palestinians, and desecrated the sanctities of the nation. Those who were pleased with this exaggerated celebration: How do you feel in front of hundreds of victims of women and children and the destruction of trees and stones?” 

Dancing with child murderers to our music & raising an apartheid state flag in our country, is DISGUSTING.
When people who come from other countries do they get to raise their flags? Have some integrity.
A reminder, Moroccans stand with Palestine #لا_مرحبا_بالصهاينة_في_بلدي https://t.co/KnGATm7wJX— #SaveSilwan (@LurkingMist) July 26, 2021

Idriss Bougrain Amrani asked: “Have you ever seen Moroccans in diaspora carrying the flags of the countries from which they came instead of carrying the flag of their country, Morocco, to which they belong?”

Amrani added, “This is a provocation to honorable Moroccans.” Amrani attached a picture with a sentence expressing the position of Moroccan Jewish activist Sion Asedon against “Israel.” 

Zionists are not welcome. #لا_مرحبا_بالصهاينة_في_بلدي https://t.co/LQIZpkNTGJ— MOURADI Soufyane (@MouradiSoufyane) July 26, 2021

Morocco and “Israel” signed a tripartite agreement sponsored by the US last year, which included several memoranda of understanding to establish relations between Morocco and “Israel”. It was described by Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita as “a roadmap that the three parties will work on during the next stage.”


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