Nordic Resistance Movement Holds People’s Conference

ON SUNDAY the Nordic Resistance Movement held the People’s Conference event, at which several important announcements were made.

The three major announcements at the conference were as follows:

Demonstration in Uppsala Postponed

The planned 1 May demonstration in Uppsala has been postponed due to
the ongoing Corona crisis. The demonstration will be held at a later
date this year, if conditions allow.

The Nordic Resistance Movement’s leader Simon Lindberg said the decision was not in direct response to the government’s decision to ban gatherings of more than 50 people:

“If for no other reason than to defy the system, [holding the
demonstration] would absolutely have been something we would have
considered doing, if we thought it would have been the best tactical
option. We will never dance to the system’s tune.”

But according to Simon, the decision relates to something much more important:

“We have a big responsibility to our members and sympathisers and
their families. It would be extremely irresponsible of us if we held our
demonstration and simultaneously contaminated hundreds of
nationalist-minded people with the virus.”

Unique Translation of Mein Kampf

After much hard work by a number of people, the Nordic Resistance Movement and Greenpilled can finally present our own Swedish translation of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

This is an historic cultural achievement, as the language in the book
has been modernised and hundreds of informative footnotes have been
added to make it more accessible for modern readers.

The book was released yesterday on The first 88 copies sold will come with an extra bonus pack.

Greenpilled Promo for Mein Kampf (Swedish):

New Swedish-Language Resistance Movement Website Launched

The third announcement was that the Nordic Resistance Movement now has a new website: Motståndsrö The site will be the main home for all of the Movement’s ideological and activist-related articles, while will continue as the organisation’s Swedish news site.

You can visit the new website here.

People’s Conference Livestream Replay (Swedish):

* * *

Source: Nordic Resistance Movement

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