On February 5, an altar cloth was found burnt and crosses and statues torn down or disfigured at the recently refurbished Saint-Alain Cathedral in Lavaur, in south-central France.

On February 6, just a day after the Saint-Alain Cathedral incident, vandals at Notre-Dame des Enfants (Our Lady of the Children) church in Nimes broke into the tabernacle and scattered altar hosts on the ground.According to local news reports, the vandals also drew a cross on the wall with human excrement and damaged other religious items in the church

Side Note On The Jews and their obsession with feces.

Day later, on February 9, a similar attack occurred at the Church of Notre-Dame de Dijon, Côte-d’Or, about 175 miles south-east of Paris.

And on February 10, St Nicolas in Houilles was subjected to another attack six days after the first mindless act of vandalism.According to the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe, the tabernacle was found thrown on the ground. However, a 35-year-old man (religion and ethnicity not mentioned) later confessed to committing the act to police.

The incidents were said to be carried out by the Islamic State (IS). (nudge , nudge , wink , wink)


Paris’ second largest church, Saint-Sulpice, briefly burst into flames on March 17, the fire damaging doors and stained glass windows on the building’s exterior. Police later reported that the incident had not been an accident. Source RT

Now This


All the “mainstream media” say it was  “le accident ”

Prosecutors Rule Out Arson at Paris’ Famous Notre Dame Cathedral

Arson, terrorism ruled out for now in Notre Dame fire, Paris prosecutors’ office says

Meanwhile the Jew Phillipe Karentsky called it France”s 9/11

“I would tell you something, even if nobody died, it’s like a 9/11, the French 9/11,” French official (((Philippe Karsenty))) said of the historic cathedral’s burning on Monday.

“A Jesuit friend” also says the fire was intentionally set ….It had to have been Al Quaeda

The Government of France is under a (former ???) Rothschild employee Macron After 10 attacks on Churches it has twiddled its thumbs and done nothing

Imagine the schizophrenic madness that would have followed had 10 synagogues been burnt and vandalized and Frances biggest synagogue burnt?

The fact that all these Church attacks come a few months after Church pedophile exposures is no accident .

Its an attempt by the ruling elite to wipe out organized hierarchical Catholicism in France

It may have backfired . Educated practicing French Catholics are hardly likely to fall for the “Its an ISIS attack” or the “these are just accidents” theories being floated

They might just unite and decide to take their country back



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