NSW region set for RoundUp aerial spraying

Wollongong residents have been informed of glyphosate spraying. Photo: DFH

Preparations are underway for helicopter spraying of the chemical RoundUp around Port Kembla in New South Wales, just days after a Melbourne man launched Australia’s first lawsuit seeking to blame the weedkiller for his cancer.

Some residents are concerned that just as some countries are reconsidering whether the herbicide is safe, in Port Kembla — 8km from the Wollongong CBD — it will be sprayed from the sky above them.

Residents were informed recently that the Illawarra District Weeds Authority would be spraying from helicopters in late June.

It’s part of annual spraying to combat the pest Bitou bush. About 90ha would be sprayed around Hill 60 and Perkins Beach at Port Kembla. Another 40ha would be sprayed at Bass Point in Shellharbour and another 8ha on private land at Gerringong.

While Port Kembla will receive glyphosate spraying, local reporters have been told a different product, Brush-Off, will be used at Coniston Beach. This has not been confirmed.

In previous years, Bass Point has received RoundUp from the air.

Diana Matic was one resident who saw the notice from IDWA about Port Kembla.

“I actually thought this was a joke,” Ms Matic said.

“You have countries like France and Vietnam which are banning it.

But here, it’s actually going to go on people’s houses. And people have pets, they have babies. There’s people who walk along the beach straight afterwards.

There’s got to be another way.”

IDWA chief weeds officer David Pomery said some areas were not accessible without aerial spraying:

“Alternate methods are being utilised where appropriate but in the meantime the IDWA must consider utilising aerial spraying in some situations to ensure effective management of this weed across the coastal landscape.”

Read more: https://www.IllawarraMercury.com.au

Monsanto developed glyphosate in 1970 to kill weeds and grasses that harm crops.

The company marketed the chemical as Roundup Weed Killer, and by 2007, it became the most used herbicide in the United States and widely available in Australia. An estimated 1.4 billion pounds of Roundup are used in more than 160 countries each year.

Despite its widespread use, the popular weedkiller has been called into question as a possible health hazard within the past several years.

Thousands of Roundup users have filed lawsuits alleging that they have developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, b-cell lymphoma, leukemia, or other forms of cancer after using the product.

Today, Monsanto faces 13,400+ Roundup lawsuits, three major examples of which in the US have come down in favour of plaintiffs with cancer.

This includes one in which the plaintiff received a jury award of $78.5 million in compensatory and punitive damages, and in the latest, a court in California awarded a couple $2.8 billion.

This week Melbourne gardener, Michael Ogliarolo, launched legal action alleging RoundUp caused his cancer, non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

The prevalence of this chemical is prolific. From tampons to vaccines, it has been discovered everywhere — and it’s making us sick.

Calls have now been made for farm chemical regulator, Australian Pesticides and Vet Medicines Authority (APVMA), to immediately begin a formal safety review of Roundup herbicide and glyphosate, with a focus on NHL and other terminal diseases.

Learn more by listening to the podcast below:
(Ft. Bob Phelps from Gene Ethics Australia)

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