Ongoing Atrocities in Syria. Missile Attacks Directed against Civilians

9 July was a particularly lethal day for Syrians in their homeland. As is their tendency, the choreographs of the warmongering, military industrial complex media have busily diverted eyes on the undiplomatic row between Trump and newly resigned British ambassador; have directed eyes to the Epstein child trafficking indictment; have nearly saturated eyes in the emotional porn baths related to refugees and immigrants housed in ICE detention centers.  

In spite of western colonialist disdain for actual Syrians (while cheering support for foreign snipers, rapists, and perpetrators of femicide), life — and death — persist in this Levantine republic.

On 9 July, another 7 children were blown up by landmines planted by terrorists in the Dablan area of Deir Ezzor. This follows the murder of 3 children by landmine explosions on 5 July, in Jobar neighborhood of Damascus. To date, the UN has only given lip service to the horrors of landmines, in last year’s signing of the MoU in Syria’s capital; it did not report on this meeting. It is no accident that the UN does not condemn landmines in Syria; doing so would be cause for NATO media to report on these countless atrocities which have given birth to the need for Smart Prosthetics for Syria children who have lost hand, foot, leg, arm to these weapons of terror.

Last night, the NATO and western colonialists beloved armed terrorists unleashed several missiles and mortars from the northern Ghab plains and Jabal al Zawya, targeting Jourin and Ayn Salimo. Three civilians were murdered and 6 more were injured. The Syrian Arab Army fired back, causing fatal casualties among unreported numbers of foreign-armed savages.


There was a bit of good news on 9 July. The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela held the 208th anniversary celebration of independence from Spanish colonizers, at the Dama Rose Hotel. H.E. Jose Biomorgi discussed the alliance of the two countries in the ongoing resistance against neo-imperialists.


H.E. Jose Biomorgi addresses the gathering of dignitaries celebrating his country’s independence from Spain, at the Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus.

Among the dignitaries attending the important event was Dr. Najah al Attar, Syria’s vice-president. Contrary to the frothing of the rabid hyenas at the UN — who plot to appoint their choices of women in political positions — Syria has an almost 10,000 year history of women in leadership roles.


Venezuelan Independence Day is celebrated in Damascus. VP Dr. al Attar, second from left.

In other good news of yesterday, the Syrian Arab Army used guided missiles to blow up weaponized vehicles of Nusra/HTS takfiri — still on all the western terror lists — along with an undisclosed number of human-resembling pathogens — in the region of southern Idlib countryside.

Also, yesterday — American illegal, criminal liar, supporter and propagandist for terrorists who kidnap children from hospitals and cut their heads off for the camera, friend of Saudi savage on the US SDN list, and ugly American who flaunts his colonialism with the arrogance of war pimp Lindsey Graham — mercenary Bilal Abdul Kareem uploaded an almost 16 minute video to YouTube, in which he interviewed two Saudi terrorists.


How strange that YouTube which has censored Syrian channels — including SANA English — has no problem giving voice to Saudi terrorists…in Syria.

The most heinous news of 9 July from Syria was completely ignored by the western media: The criminally insane savages,  who kidnapped and slaughtered 11 Syrian soldiers monstrously again demonstrated their hideous propensities.

These monsters cut off the head of 23 year old Syrian Arab Army soldier Ibraheem Ahmed Barri. They then used his stolen phone to upload his severed head as a new profile photo for Facebook (Facebook, with its never-ending “community standards” allowed this horror for at least 6 hours).

These vile demons then sent photos to his mother, using Martyr Barri’s stolen cell phone.

Nine of the eleven soldiers slaughtered in northern Lattakia by the killers armed and funded by NATO states & Gulfie dictatorships.


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Featured image: Ibraheem Ahmed Barri, 23, was one of 11 SAA soldiers kidnapped & slaughtered by Qatari & Erdogan’s thugs in Lattakia countryside, 9 July, while defending their homeland within its legal borders; all images in this article are from Syria News

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