Open Stock Market Just One Day a Week


December 20, 2018


goats.jpgThe stock market is a giant online casino. Billions of people trade on their phones. It is a daily popularity contest. Money is made or lost based on guessing the behavior of panic-driven mobs. Brokerages hype the stocks they own and dump them. 

It’s a ponzi scheme. The minute a stock goes up, people unload it. Your security is based on the whims of the herd. 


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One Response to “Open Stock Market Just One Day a Week”

  1. Asiatic Lion says:

    When I watched the movie “Trading Places” yesterday, for the very first time ever I understood what really goes on in the stock market. What was really going on flew right over my head many times, yet I took Economics in high school, which doesn’t teach what really goes on at all.

    “Trading Places” is a great film and demonstrates just how easy it is to become rich or poor. To be poor, that’s easy, just follow the herd. Rich people are rich because they don’t give a damn about playing by the rules and have a jump start of key information that will help fleece the unsuspecting goyim herd. There is no such thing as free markets when there are Market manipulators.

    Ralph Belamy & Don Amece in “Trading Places” thought the orange crops had a bad season (which they didn’t clearly explain in the film) from a faulty insider trading report, so they kept buying to drive up the price. When a product is scarce the price goes up. When a product is plentiful the price goes down; Aykroyd and Murphy did the opposite driving the price down by selling right away, because they had the real report that the crop was doing great. Near the end of the trading day Aykroyd and Murphy buy back everything for pennies on the dollar, just like Nathan Rothschild taking over the London stock exchange when he pretended that Napoleon won the war when he knew full well Napoleon was defeated; Crafty Nathan started a
    panic selling and then bought back all the crap he sold for much

    Economics majors and most financial experts are stupid and never
    mention market manipulators. I’ll sum up successful trading with 4 Simple Trading Rules To Live By:

    *When people are buying like crazy – SELL !

    *When people are selling like crazy – BUY !

    *If you have F.O.M.O.(fear of missing out) – don’t do it !

    *If you don’t have F.O.M.O. – do it !

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