Pakistani Muslims mark martyrdom of Imam Hussein

Muhammad Toori
Press TV, Karachi

Thousands of miles away from the city of Karbala, Pakistani lovers of Hussein Ibn-e-Ali have gathered in their tens of thousands to pay tribute to Prophet Muhammad’s grandson who sacrificed his life along with 72 of his companions in the unequal Battle of Karbala.

Fourteen centuries have passed but still the grandson of Prophet Muhammad Imam Hussein, the third Shia Imam, is remembered each year by millions. It is a sign of his charismatic character known for justice and righteousness.

Reciting eulogies in remembrance of the hardships of the Prophet’s household, these mourners while beating their chests, crossed miles on foot to refresh the memories of that tragedy and protest against tyrants. Memories that transcends human consciousness above the time and space. 

Pakistanis traditionally cook and distribute food and beverages called Nazar-e-Imam Hussein among people in and outside of mourning ceremonies. Many donate blood in Ashura procession to help others in need.

Mourners showed solidarity with the oppressed people of Kashmir and Palestine on a day that symbolizes the eternal and unwavering stance against falsehood, the cause Imam Hussein was martyred for.

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