Palestine, come back again

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph


There are 12 million Palestinians in the world. Half of them are refugees living in squalid camps and in permanent exile. They are not allowed to return home to their rightful properties. However, under the 1950 Israeli discriminatory “Law of Return”, every Jew, no matter where he or she resides, enjoys automatic Israeli citizenship at the expense of Palestinian refugees who have lived on the land for generations — my late parents included.

I am the proud descendant of a race whose land has been stolen.

Yes, the Law of Return does not give the same right of return to those Palestinians who were forced by Israel to leave their homes and property in the 1948 and 1967 wars. And yet Jews who have never set foot in the Holy Land for centuries are being told: “This is your land — you may come and live here whenever you want!”

Oh, the iniquity! The shame of it! This appalling injustice cries to heaven for vengeance! Will that day ever come?

It will come soon. That I believe. The law of karma will make sure of that. As even the Christians say, “The wheels of God grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small!”

To my disgust, Israel Firsters in the US Congress blame the Palestinians for everything that has ever gone wrong in the region. Israel is sacrosanct. Untouchable. It can do no wrong. These Israel Firsters are now advocating the cruel cutting off of US humanitarian aid to the Palestinian Authority until the PA stops providing financial assistance to widows and children of Palestinians killed or imprisoned by Israeli forces.

A Palestinian woman has lost her child. The child has been shot through the head. Killed in cold blood. The Jews in Congress are saying. “This woman must not be paid a single cent in compensation for the loss of her child’s life!”

Funeral expenses? Forget that! Let the child’s corpse rot on the hillside! Let the child’s eyes be eaten by vultures! Let the dead bury the dead! 




The US Congress should first demand of Israel to respect and comply with UN Security Council Resolution 164 and 242. This gave Israel a seat at the UN on condition it allow the refugees the right of return. It ordered Israel to withdraw from occupied Arab land. And to pay compensation for those who do not wish to return.

The sad truth is, the US frequently blocks any international attempt to force Israel to obey international law, thus encouraging Israel to further defy UN resolutions

Prior to 1948, when Jews were persecuted in Europe, Palestinians welcomed them in as warmly as Israel now coldly denies the Palestinians the right to return home. Consider the irony of the situation. We Palestinians gave these people a home, a place of refuge and sanctuary when they had none. We took in the stranger. The pariahs of war-torn Europe, we gave them a home. We found them houses in which to live, land in which to grow crops. We were their rescuers and providers.

And what did we get for our pains? A stab in the back! The people we rescued turned on us and tore us to pieces! Like dogs, we were driven out of our houses and into refugee camps. They called us “terrorists” for objecting to our ill-treatment. They will give us “peace” provided we give them our land.

The Israeli army and illegal Jewish settlers have been abusing and killing Palestinian for 70 years with impunity, because they know that they will not be held accountable for their actions no matter what the result. They know the US will never cut aid to them if they murder Palestinians.

Even an honest Jew will admit this.

Shamefully, we haven’t heard a peep from the Jewish lobby or from US public officials, even when the victims were American citizens like Rachel Corrie who gave up her life for Palestine.  Then there are Palestinians no one in the West has heard of:  Furkan Dogan, Mahmoud Shaalan, Abdulrahman Barghouti, and 14- year old Orwah Hamad of New Orleans who was shot through the neck and head.

All gone to their deaths for daring to resist evil!

I have read in the book of Torah, where it says, “Judaism stands on three legs: peace, freedom, and justice.”

I wish I could believe that. It is a lie. It is a cruel delusion.

I believe Israel is neither democratic, nor free, nor just. There is no peace to be found in Israel even for Jews, let alone for the Arab underclass.

The 12 million Palestinians living under siege in Gaza and under occupation in the West Bank, where they live as second-class citizens—bullied night and day by Zionist thugs, constantly hounded and humiliated, spat upon and kicked like mangy curs—these constitute 12 million reasons to boycott Israel.

Friends, believe me! — Israel is simply an evil terrorist state! It is a caliphate just like ISIS. It constitutes a serious danger not only to itself but to the rest of mankind.

One day, if nothing is done to blunt the fangs of this wild beast, it will devour the entire world.


Mahmoud El-Yousseph
Retired USAF Veteran
Westerville, Ohio

VIDEO  :  6.30 mins

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