Palestinian Resistance Groups in Gaza All Deny Firing Shells Toward israel (apartheid state))

Palestinian Resistance Groups in Gaza All Deny Firing Shells Toward Israel

By Celine Hagbard | IMEMC | March 15, 2019

After two nights of wide-scale bombardment of the Gaza Strip by Israeli forces in which dozens of bombs were dropped on the crowded coastal enclave, someone in Gaza apparently attempted to retaliate Thursday night by firing several shells toward Israel.

But the Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza, usually quick to claim credit for actions they take, all denied involvement in this attack.

Hamas, the Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees all issued separate statements officially denying any involvement in relation to the firing of the missiles.

The Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, said in a brief statement that the timing of these missiles being fired is suspicious, as it came while Hamas leaders were meeting with an Egyptian security team, discussing arrangements to maintain calm in the coastal region.

In addition, Daoud Shehab, the spokesperson of the Islamic Jihad, denied Israel’s allegation that the Islamic Jihad movement was the one that fired the missiles toward Tel Aviv.

The Salaheddin Brigades, the armed wing of the Popular Committees, also issued a statement denying any connection with the missiles.

It is worth mentioning that, from time to time, some unknown smaller group, tries to fire missiles largely into open areas in Israel, which to many observers looks like an act that is meant to create tension, and drag the region into a new wave of military escalation.

For its part, the Ministry In Interior and National Security In Gaza said that the firing of the missile violated the agreement between the resistance factions in Gaza, and the national consensus regarding avoiding military escalation with Tel Aviv. It added that it will conducted all needed measures to find the individuals who are responsible for firing the missiles.

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4 Responses to “Palestinian Resistance Groups in Gaza All Deny Firing Shells Toward israel (apartheid state))”

  1. Jesus Christ ✝ Jesus Christ ✝ says:

    Hamas = Israel fireworks.

    Why doesnt Hamas = mossad agents, ever use mortar shells to fire into israel? because it will hurt someone.. they only use fireworks disguised as missles.

  2. Jesus Christ ✝ Jesus Christ ✝ says:


  3. reynolds says:

    I could add many pictures of so-called “rockets” fired by the Palestinians, that have ended up squarely IN THE MIDDLE OF A ROAD SOMEWHERE! Without a guidance system, the Palestinians know it’s just a waste of time and a giant firecracker (look at the many photos and you will see they come apart at the seams, with no shrapnel). But Jewsrael uses it as a FALSE FLAG to continue to exterminate the Palestinians.

  4. Jesus Christ ✝ Jesus Christ ✝ says:

    Even Israels Iron Dome missile defense system is a giant hoax.

    Missles shoot up into the sky and self explode, pretending to hit palestinian enemy rockets… and the israeli jews are so stupid to question it.

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