Palestinians reject Madonna’s ‘fig-leaf gestures of solidarity’

Thanks for this article, Jonathan. I’ve been going cross- eyed reading the coverage of the ‘protests’ by Iceland’s band and Madonna aka Esther who did the opposite of what Palestinian civil society asked. They put lipstick on the pig and that is all. It’s actually more detrimental to justice to have done as they did. Hypocrites waving a banner for profit and fame., exploiting the suffering of the Palestinians. ugh.

All of this happened during Ramadan, but who really cares? Certainly not Israel/Israelis. This is also happening during Ramadan, and here I go mostly O/T:

“The Israeli Army Trains in Bedouin’s Backyard, Even During Holy Fasting Month of Ramadan
Shepherds in the West Bank have to leave their tents behind because of the military exercises

Worried about fires, they moved up the wheat harvest, even though the crop still wasn’t ready. No, this is not about the fields of the kibbutzim near the Gaza border, but Palestinian land in the northern Jordan Valley. Six fires that didn’t make it into the headlines in Israel broke out there from the middle of the week of May 5, four of them this past week and all as a result of military exercises.

When it became known that the army planned to hold live-fire exercises during most of Ramadan and the Eid al-Fitr holiday in the middle of their fields and grazing land, the first thing many landowners and tenant farmers did was rent combines and send them to the carpets of wheat and barley. Having learned from experience, they knew that the intensive exercises in the harsh heat would cause fires and wanted to rescue as much of their invested energy and money they could.

They also assumed that there would be no one to put out the fires that were far enough from the army bases and settlements, but close to the community of herders. Naturally, when a fire breaks out, the shepherds first try to extinguish it by themselves, but especially during periods of live-fire training exercise the fear is that a dud piece of ammunition will blow up in their hands.

“We were surprised, of course we were surprised,” said Harb Abu al-Kabash. “We didn’t think they would come to train in the month of Ramadan. Once they respected Ramadan, but no longer.” …”

much more @

“Israeli Court Rejects Petition to Bar Religious Zionist March From Jerusalem’s Muslim Quarter

Left-wing organization Ir Amim had field a petition to bar the annual march from passing
through the Muslim Quarter due to it coinciding with the final days of Ramadan

The petition, filed by the left-wing organization Ir Amim, had argued that letting the march pass through the Muslim Quarter would be even more offensive than usual to residents, because the holiday falls during the final days of Ramadan this year.

Jerusalem Day marks Israel’s capture of East Jerusalem in 1967, and every year tens of thousands of religious Zionist youths march through the Old City, including its Muslim Quarter. Since the anniversary is marked according to the Hebrew calendar, it will fall on June 2 this year.

But Justices Noam Sohlberg, Yael Willner and Ofer Grosskopf said they would not interfere with the police’s decisions on route marchers will take. “The current situation correctly balances between freedom of expression and the rights of those marching in the flag march, on one hand, and the collective and individual interests of Old City residents on the other,” the justices wrote in their ruling. …”

No respect is afforded to Palestinians by Israelis. Not for the Christians, not for the Muslims, not for the agnostics. Nobody at all. No infants, children, adoloscents, young folks, middle aged, elderly, single, married, divorced, disabled, gifted, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, grands. The only distinguishing feature is that they are Palestinian. Hell’s bells~ remember how Ramadan started this year?

“Gaza laments deadly start to Ramadan, amid funerals and debris”

Remember Ramadan 2014 in Gaza? I do.

“Ramadan in Gaza: life under missile-fire”

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