Phil Weiss: The stories we keep telling – with your help – despite efforts to silence us

It is said that the Polish-German Jewish Communist Rosa Luxemburg claimed “The most revolutionary thing one can do is always to proclaim loudly what is happening.” I’m deeply moved by that statement. I share the conviction that to achieve much-needed change in supremely unjust conditions, we are called to shout from the rooftops all that we know of oppression.

At Mondoweiss, we believe that by giving a megaphone to those suffering for a free Palestine, we are serving the cause of justice. And this summer, we are highlighting the best examples of what we publish as a basis for asking you to contribute today. Can you donate to help us meet the current challenge from one of our most steadfast supporters? Reader support is the lifeblood of Mondoweiss, and your gifts make our work possible.

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We don’t tell Palestinians’ stories for them. They tell their stories for the world. Here’s an example of what I mean. Whether you are immersed in the movement or are an occasional reader, you have likely heard about the unjust detentions of thousands of Palestinian political prisoners. But Mondoweiss was able to take you beyond the number, to share the story Dareen Tatour told about her friend Shorouk Duyat, whom she met and became close to while being held in Hasharon Prison.

Thanks to Mondoweiss, these women shared with you their memories of laughing sadly while bonding over poetry and painting, dreaming of a different life, of a friendship under different circumstances. Dareen was released from prison in 2018, and we are proud that she is now a regular contributor to Mondoweiss, but her dear friend Shorouk is still imprisoned. Dareen says: “Shorouk Duyat is a story that I will keep telling. I will always remember her.”

Those words from Dareen stuck with me: “a story that I will keep telling.” That is how I view our fight to tell the truth about Palestine. It is a story that we must keep telling, despite efforts to drown us out, to silence us, or to whitewash and erase what is happening.

Dareen spent nearly three years jailed and under house arrest on charges of incitement and support for terror organizations after she published her poem “Resist, My People, Resist Them” on social media. We covered her imprisonment and trial, and contacted her to write for Mondoweiss soon after her release. Contributors like her are the heartbeat of the work we do. These snapshots of their lives and relationships, like Dareen’s friendship with Sharouk, are the real human stories that can change minds about Palestine.

I’d like to express my gratitude to you for everything this site has managed to do. Thanks to you and your donations, our passionate, creative, and energetic staff continues to grow, and our reporting reaches all corners of the world. We wouldn’t be able to spread the truth about Palestine without our readers and supporters. Each story that you read, share, and contribute to make possible is a story that we can trace to another story, connecting the dots into something much larger.

Each small snapshot of humanity adds up to one great truth about what is happening in Palestine. Thanks to you, we have the amazing opportunity to make a difference in one of the great issues of our time, one story at a time.

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I hope you understand how important it is that you continue to support the work we do, so we can keep sharing these stories, featuring voices like Dareen and Sharouk, with the world. I ask you today to invest in Mondoweiss as a community and as a tool for change, because stories like these can and do drive change. All it takes is one.

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